Analyzing the Rate of Migration to Cloud Technologies [Infographic]

The Cloud. The movement of all things tech-related to the cloud has become an ever-present topic of discussion in the last few years. While “the overarching concept of delivering computing resources through a global network is rooted in the sixties” (source), the cloud computing concept has experienced explosive growth in the last decade as companies like have made enterprise application delivery via a website a reality. Here at Aryaka, we specialize in helping solve the challenge of unreliable performance of public internet experienced by end users as a result of enterprise applications and services migrating to the cloud.

As such, we took a special interest in a recent survey done by PC Connection that analyzed how far along in the process of adopting cloud technology a sampling of 500 different organizations were as of 2013. The results are quite interesting, revealing that while only about 1 in 5 organizations have already moved some of their applications to the cloud, 50% of organizations labeled themselves as “on the way” to moving applications to the cloud as they are in various stages of evaluating vendors, making plans, etc. Not surprising, a chief motivation for migration to the cloud is disaster recovery, while ensuring proper security is listed as the most significant challenge. We hope you find our infographic on business migration to the cloud to be interesting, and please feel free to submit your comments or questions!

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Migration to cloud infographic

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