7 Must-know facts about Brazil


Brazil is…

  1. The world’s 6th largest economy having eclipsed Britain in late 2011
  2. Hosting the 2014 World Cup – winner of five World Cups, more than anybody else
  3. Hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics
  4. Home to the biggest rain forest in the world – the Amazon forest – and home to four million plants and animal species – most monkey species anywhere, so take care of your hat!
  5. The world’s largest producer of coffee – harvesting 285 billion cups a year
  6. Full of optimistic, passionate and entrepreneurial people and…

…a recent update from Brazil:

    1. The latest market for Aryaka!

Yes, that’s right. Aryaka is now live in Brazil! With the expansion of our secure, cloud-based optimized network into South America, Aryaka continues its drive to “place the network near the customer.”

Right now we’re busy working with potential partners and prospects to bring them online.

In fact, we’ve had huge inbound demand from Brazil for several reasons. We are a great alternative for the high price of bandwidth in Brazil. We add more choice beyond the limited number of telecommunications vendors in Brazil, and our appliance-free solution is a big plus to get companies on our network quickly.

So if you’re headquartered in Brazil or wanting a better connection for your presence in Brazil, we say: “Tudo Bem?” (How’s it going?). Tired of slow apps and a poor performing WAN stretching across the oceans? Give us a call and we can get you up running on our intelligent, high performing network in a matter of days! Say hello to your turbo-charged WAN.

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