5 Enterprise Cloud and Networking Trends to Watch in 2014

In 2014 enterprise networking will change forever. Trends from 2013 -- cloud, BYOD, social media and big data -- will continue to push enterprises of all sizes and in all industries to fundamentally rethink what the phrase “business as usual” means.

WAN & The Cloud: Let The Transformation Begin

Vendors from Aryaka and Pertino to Cisco and incumbent carriers are looking to shake up your wide area world. Here's why you should let them.

Which enterprise technology startups have the most promising technologies?

The Tech Trailblazers Awards, the enterprise information technology startup awards today announced shortlisted finalists across the nine categories: Big Data, Cloud, Emerging Markets, Infosecurity, Mobile, Networking, Storage, Sustainable IT and Virtualization.

Innovation Insights

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Aryaka Networks: Thinking beyond the box

Cloud Startup: Aryaka

Attestation to Pure WAN Connectivity with Optimal Bandwidth Use

Cloud Expo Silicon Valley | The Next Frontier: Cloud-Based Networks

Aryaka Networks CEO Ajit Gupta to present real-life case studies on how cloud-based networks will revolutionize the enterprise.

Aryaka Lifts Curtain On Cloud Network-As-A-Service Offering

Aryaka this week unveiled a cloud network-as-a-service offering it says streamlines organizations’ access to private and public cloud services, including Amazon (NSDQ:AMZN) Web Services and Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) Office 365.

Aryaka adds Cloud Networking as a Service:

Aryaka’s fundamental approach is to deliver WAN Optimization as a Service.

Aryaka Cloud Network-as-a-Service Simplifies Cloud Access

Aryaka has launched Network-as-a-Service, a new offering designed to optimize and simplify access to both public and private cloud services, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps.

Aryaka Opens Global Network to Cloud Applications

When it comes to networking in the cloud, IT organizations are usually left with two choices. Rely on an Internet that is shared by everybody in the world or lease an MPLS network from a telecommunications carrier at an exorbitant rate.

Three Emerging Cloud Trends: Offshoring, Networking, Big Data

The cloud may not have quite reached maturity yet, but it’s getting there. Plenty of businesses rely on the cloud for mission-critical applications, and cloud adoption is steady enough in the U.S. that offshore public cloud providers fear they’ll never catch up to Amazon, Google, Rackspace and other cloud providers in the U.S.