Private networks still the best option for global companies

Aryaka study finds that SD-WAN performs well over short hops, but private WAN performs far better over the longest distances.

Aryaka Networks And The Rise of the Global Private Networks

Aryaka Networks has just released the State of SD-WAN Connectivity report that offers a glimpse into performance metrics comparing private networks against public networks. The use of global private networks is the next generation of networking, that allows companies like Aryaka to…

Aryaka: Global SD-WAN performance is 4.1x faster on private networks

Aryaka, a global SD-WAN provider, says that while internet connectivity is a quick low-cost option to access SD-WAN applications, the medium’s unpredictable nature can inhibit response time.

8×8, Aryaka enter cloud unified communications, SD-WAN pact

8X8 and SD-WAN provider Aryaka have struck a strategic alliance to improve the voice and video communications experience for global mid-market and enterprise companies delivered through the service provider’s cloud.

Aryaka, Cradlepoint, FatPipe Could Go Public in 2018

Futuriom evaluated the top SD-WAN vendors and predicted that at least four of them will hit $100 million in revenue in 2018. The Tier-1 vendors include Aryaka, Cisco/Viptela, Cradlepoint, Fat Pipe, and Silver Peak.

Aryaka Networks – Delivering SD-WAN Globally

I had an opportunity last week to talk with the team at Aryaka networks, a cloud-based global Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) company that has seen growing success.

Variable Performance of SD-WAN Drives Its Transformation

Optimization, machine learning and artificial intelligence can pinpoint problems and improve SD-WAN efficiencies.

Aryaka Launches Clientless SD-WAN for Remote Workers

Aryaka is now offering clientless SD-WAN, which essentially has all of the same features as its primary service, SmartConnect.

Aryaka brings benefits of software defined to remote and mobile workers

Aryaka’s SmartACCESS SD-WAN product improves application performance for remote and mobile workers, providing a global private network, WAN optimization and IP app acceleration.

Aryaka Launches Clientless SD-WAN for Remote Access

Aryaka has launched a clientless SD-WAN delivering software-defined remote access by combining dynamic CDN and global SD-WAN technologies.

Aryaka rolls out remote access as a service on its private network

Aryaka introduced SmartACCESS, a software-defined remote access as a service for mobile and remote users designed to ease and speed VPN connections.

Aryaka Adds Mobile SD-WAN to Network

The software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) market is evolving quickly, with more than a dozen startups going after the need for better WAN and cloud connectivity. Aryaka, one of the leaders in the space — but one of the few with its own private network — continues to add features to its network-as-a-service (NAAS) model.

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