Why Does Broadband in the U.S. Lag Behind Many Other Countries?

It’s a dirty little secret that U.S. carriers and telcos don’t want you to know: Networking in this country is terrible. U.S. broadband speeds lag behind South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Denmark, Latvia, and many others.

Interop Las Vegas: 10 Cool Startups

Will one of the startups at the 2013 Interop Las Vegas conference launch the next big thing in enterprise IT? Take a look at some contenders.

The abandoned hardware options cloud WAN optimization

ThoughtWorks is a global software design and IT consulting provider, it is attempting to solve network and application performance problems through the use of application delivery and WAN optimization services technology to help solve the communication problem between the global office users.

Finalists Announced For 2013 Best Of Interop

Interop Las Vegas and Network Computing to recognize leading technology brands in seven award categories.

WAN optimisation: What you need to know

With networks becoming more crowded with data than ever before, WAN optimisation could be the answer for your corporate network.