Aryaka’s unique Network as-a-Service for midmarket enterprises

Seven months after launching its Network as-a-Service, WAN optimization vendor Aryaka said it now has more than 100 customers using the NaaS package.

Aryaka’s MSP Program Celebrates 1st Birthday, Unwraps New Telco Customer

Fusion is one many Aryaka partner programs, and is aimed at good-size established providers. “Our Fusion Partner Program enables global and regional service providers to utilize their brand and their own infrastructure assets in conjunction with our patented technology,” the company explained.

Are Underperforming Networks Holding Back the Economy?

In my last post, I griped about the embarrassing state of networking in the U.S. and set out to investigate how to make things better.

Aryaka Offers Single View of WAN Optimization, Application Delivery and Network Services

Aryaka was the perfect conversation partner – the company not only has network as a service, but Wide Area Networks (WAN) Optimization and Application both as services as well.

Aryaka adds mobile admin to WANOP kit

WAN-optimisation-in-the-cloud provider Aryaka has added mobile portal access to its network.