WAN as-a-Service

Aryaka’s WAN and CDN solutions leverage the intelligence of the Aryaka ONE network. The proprietary and patented technology within the Aryaka ONE network enhances the speed, performance, availability, and security of all applications and data, both inside and outside the firewall and from origin servers to end users.

Based on our unique multi-segment architecture, Aryaka’s core network provides dedicated, enterprise-grade private connectivity built with link and provider redundancy at each segment, so you can bypass the unreliable Internet middle mile. Aryaka has excelled in building cutting-edge technology and intelligence in routing, security, and optimization into the core network. Aryaka ONE’s intelligence now extends these capabilities to the edge of enterprise networks making them more resilient.

With Aryaka ONE,
Your Enterprise Can:

  • Stop paying for expensive, underperforming MPLS links
  • Stop paying for (and managing, maintaining, and endlessly refreshing) outdated hardware, such as WAN optimization
  • Stop waiting and waiting and waiting . . . and waiting to transform your network any time you add new offices, acquire a new company, or simply appeal to a customer base in a new region
  • Stop paying for CDN services that don’t align with your business needs

Eliminate the need to buy expensive upgrades, specialized appliances or third-party monitoring/visibility tools with MyAryakaTM – our web-based customer portal delivering network-wide visibility for WAN connectivity and for application performance and usage of the network.


With MPLS and WAN Optimization appliance vendors, if you want network-wide visibility, you have to buy and deploy separate network monitoring/visibility software. Then, you also have to manage and maintain the hardware it runs on and the data it stores. These vendors usually nickel and dime customers by charging a high premium, typically based on the number of users. Does your IT team really have time for this sort of headache?


All Aryaka networking solutions include, at no extra cost, our web-based MyAryaka portal. Aryaka’s web-based MyAryaka customer portal delivers network-wide visibility for WAN connectivity. MyAryaka also provides centralized access to granular end-to-end network and application usage on your WAN. Aryaka provides customers with a real-time view of their network health, allowing them to instantly see applications, locations, links, and protocol- and port-level statistics to get a clear picture of network utilization and application performance.

Customizable dashboards allow customers to easily drill down to details on every part of the network. Accessible from any browser, MyAryaka eliminates the need to purchase expensive upgrades, specialized appliances, or third-party monitoring tools.

Redundancy and High Availability

The WAN is a mission-critical piece of infrastructure necessary for any global business to function smoothly. As today’s knowledge-driven, geographically distributed, cloud-first global businesses adopt always-on business models, they are increasingly dependent on application and network uptime. However, application uptime doesn’t matter if knowledge workers can’t access those applications in the first place.

Ask any CIO to create a list of his worst nightmares, and we can bet you, network downtime would be among the top-ranked entries on that list! If your network is down, your business is down.

Network uptime is directly correlated to business productivity and bottom line. And to ensure network uptime, redundancy and high availability are now must-haves. Aryaka’s global network of POPs is built on just those principles. Download the complete datasheet to understand the levels of diversity, redundancy, and high availability built into the design of all Aryaka services.


Aryaka implements security features at many levels within the network, providing network security,
data security, and physical security at our global points of presence (POPs).

Network Security


Aryaka’s core is a closed network that consists of private high-speed layer-2 links, connected in a partial mesh. Transport of any data through the Aryaka Network is done through enterprise-grade, end-to-end encrypted tunnels, based on IPSec technology and offering security superior to MPLS. Aryaka POPs are fortified with industry-grade, redundant firewalls with restricted traffic flow from only known endpoints.

Data Security


For data at rest, our service provides an advanced form of caching in our POP locations. The Aryaka optimization stack operates at a byte level and never stores entire objects or the relations between data segments.

Physical Security


Aryaka’s globally distributed POPs are located in Tier-3+ carrier-neutral datacenter facilities. All facilities are SAS-70 certified, ensuring the highest level of facility security. All datacenters are equipped with biometric access control and all networking equipment and servers are mounted in individually locked cages with key-code access. All facilities have 24×7 security staff on premises.