Content Delivery Network

Supercharge delivery of all your public-facing enterprise web resources to any user, anywhere in the world.

Knowledge workers demand a fast web experience. Slow page load times have a negative impact on business productivity and revenue growth. Legacy solutions, such as Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), prioritize high-volume B2C content, such as video streams and social media, and ignore the needs of the enterprise.

Aryaka’s CDN as-a-Service is the first CDN/ADN purpose-built for enterprise content and application delivery. Riding on top of a private core network, Aryaka’s CDN prioritizes business traffic – and only business traffic. The solution offers businesses with increased cache availability and delivers performance benefits of up to 3 times that of traditional CDN vendors.

According to Dynatrace Research, 75% of end users who have a poor web experience go straight to a competitor’s website.


Private Core Global Network
We are the world’s only CDN built on a global private backbone. This gives you unparalleled consistency in terms of website or web application performance.

Simpler, faster to deploy and manage
A simple CNAME change is all that you need to do. We’ll take care of the rest, and you’re up and running in minutes. The service includes 24×7 WORLD CLASS support.

Pay only for what you need, when you need it
Elastic capacity with instant upgrades, so you can burst above your subscription any time you need. We are transparent and easy to do business with.

Security you can trust
Multiple layers of security in the physical, network, and data spaces. Added protection to shield you from DDoS attacks.

Dynamic rule engine
Unmatched flexibility and customization options for delivering personalized content to your end users. Yes, we’re also about smart content delivery!

Network wide visibility
Comprehensive web-based portal providing centralized access for end-to-end network and application-layer visibility across all locations.

Quote Logo
“The entire onboarding experience with Aryaka was very systematic, simple and quick. The benefits seen during the trial were really impressive. For larger downloads and content delivery, we saw some dramatic improvement in speeds. The incredible simplicity of the solution and excellent support during the trials was the winner for me. All we had to do was change one DNS entry and we were up and running!”
Arvindra Sehmi, CIO
End user complaints from remote offices ceased
Up to 90% faster response time
Highly consistent performance globally
98% cache hit rate

Web Acceleration

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Network for Static Content
With Aryaka's Network for Static Content, each customer is assigned certain resources in cache, which ensures that enterprises get lightning-fast performance for their static content delivery requirements.