WAN Optimization as-a-Service

Accelerate all of your enterprise applications and cloud-based workloads with the world’s first cloud-based WAN Optimization solution built on a private core network.

Increasing application performance by a mere 10% can save an enterprise over $2,000 per employee in annual productivity costs.

To guarantee seamless access to applications hosted on-premises and in the cloud, businesses need access to private, enterprise-grade connectivity and application acceleration solutions for all their employees, no matter where in the world they are located.

Aryaka’s groundbreaking WAN Optimization as-a-Service solution combines multi-tenant, purpose-built WAN Optimization technology with enterprise-grade connectivity via a dedicated, reliable, global core network. Our private core network is based on globally distributed POPs and innovative first-mile access technology, along with centralized WAN and application-layer visibility. It delivers LAN-like performance over the enterprise WAN without the expense of MPLS or the cost and hassle of WAN Optimization appliance solutions, all in a single, no CapEx monthly service.


Private Core Global Network
Aryaka has built a dedicated reliable, low latency, private core network with built-in diversity and redundancy based on globally distributed POPs close to end user locations. POP locations are selected based on customer proximity, network and geographical diversity, and the location of peering points to best deliver predictable, reliable, and superior application performance.

Simpler, faster to deploy and manage
No equipment to buy, maintain or manage. No MPLS required.

Proprietary and Patented Optimization techniques
Multi-segment TCP Optimization, byte -level compression and Advanced Redundancy RemovalTM for data-deduplication

Optimized access to Cloud services
Accelerated, predictable performance to any SaaS/Cloud service over the Aryaka network.

Security you can trust
Built-in redundancy with multiple layers of security in the physical, network, and data layers.

Network wide visibility
End-to-end WAN and application visibility for advanced traffic analysis through the MyAryakaTM web-based portal.

Quote Logo
“We are experiencing a dramatic improvement in application performance after deploying Aryaka. Application performance issues are now next to zero, something we have not experienced in a long time. The incredible thing is that we are saving money, getting improved application performance, and an intelligent network to meet our business needs. We were able to implement a new connection in a week and the turn up was in hours rather than days/ weeks.”
Dave Cox, Global IT Manager, Rieke
Up to 45X improvement in TCP connection time
Low complexity and fast deployment
End user complaints from remote offices ceased
Zero CapEx

Branch Office Acceleration

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Network for Enterprise Apps
Aryaka’s Network for Enterprise Applications provides dramatic performance improvement across enterprise applications, such as CRM or ERP, deployed between the HQ and branches.

Cloud Acceleration

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Network for Cloud
The ideal solution for enterprises looking to migrate more of their applications to cloud services and SaaS providers
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Network for Amazon
Aryaka has partnered with Amazon Web Services so as to provide enterprises with private, optimized connectivity to the AWS cloud through a unified infrastructure.
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Network for Office 365
Aryaka’s Network for Office 365 delivers faster application performance and massive bandwidth savings to companies that are struggling with the use of Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync, and Office Web Apps, due to performance issues.
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Network for Microsoft Azure
Aryaka’s Network for Microsoft Azure provides faster access to the Azure cloud, superior and predictable application performance, higher levels of reliability, and enhanced security for our customers.