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WAN as-a-Service

WAN Optimization as-a-Service

Information is the fuel that powers the twenty-first-century economy, and for most businesses, mission-critical information is housed in applications. The problem is that those applications could be anywhere, in-house, in a private cloud, a public cloud or even in a mobile app. If workers can’t efficiently access those applications, the value of the information within erodes. To connect workers with business-critical information, businesses have had two choices: deal with the congestion that plagues the public Internet, or invest in expensive WAN Optimization hardware. There was no middle ground. . .

WAN Optimization as-a-Service

. . . Until now. By turning WAN Optimization into a service, Aryaka has changed the game, helping businesses of all sizes unlock the true power of information. By moving this complicated technology to the cloud, Aryaka helps businesses avoid expensive hardware purchases and puts WAN Optimization within reach for businesses that didn’t have the budget or know-how for complicated hardware fixes. Now, businesses of all sizes can  deploy in minutes, scale up and down as needed, and never again paying for capacity they don’t use.

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Network as-a-Service

Today’s distributed enterprise struggles to keep up with challenges brought on by two trends: the rise of cloud computing and far-flung workers, who could be anywhere in the world. To provide reliable access to cloud networking resources and to help distributed workers stay productive, businesses must pay top dollar for private links to branch offices and overseas locations. The status quo solution, MPLS, is expensive. It’s even more expensive when it’s augmented with WAN Optimization hardware, which is needed to have high performance connections to the various links. Moreover, this patchwork solution is time-consuming to deploy, complicated to configure and expensive to manage and maintain.

Diagram of Aryaka’s Network as-a-Service technology

In contrast, Aryaka’s Network-as-a-Service™ combines enterprise-grade global connectivity with proprietary TCP optimization and QoS. Utilizing a dedicated reliable core network based on globally distributed POPs and centralized WAN visibility, this service delivers predictable, high-performing cloud network connections without the high cost and long deployment time required by MPLS.

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Network OnDemand

Aryaka’s Network OnDemand provides immediate access to private WAN connectivity and optimization, based on metered usage and pricing. The new provisioning option allows enterprises to scale their global presence and network usage without the traditional restrictions of MPLS or appliance-based networking and optimization solutions. The service offers metered usage and pricing for enterprise traffic. Rather than requiring a subscription to a fixed amount of bandwidth between enterprise locations, Network OnDemand is the first global solution to offer enterprise networks the cost-efficient ability to burst traffic using the 95th percentile billing metric widely used in the CDN, ADN and high speed Internet link markets.

Network OnDemand is the ideal solution to accommodating temporary spikes in traffic, large but infrequent file transfers, or data replication and disaster recovery traffic in a cost-efficient manner, without requiring a higher-priced fixed bandwidth subscription to handle traffic levels only rarely reached. It’s also an ideal solution for customers looking to augment their on-premise deployment with IT services like compute and storage in the cloud. Network OnDemand allows them to keep the consumption model consistent across these cloud services with a cloud network.

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Cloud Network as-a-Service

While cloud services targeted to the enterprise like Office 365,, Google Apps and AWS are global in their availability, individual enterprises are assigned one key data center, usually the one closest to headquarters. Employees at distributed offices must therefore traverse the public internet to access this data center, resulting in latency and congestion, especially during peak usage times.

Network for Cloud Services

Aryaka’s Cloud Network as-a-Service, bypasses this process, enabling businesses to deliver fast, consistent, enterprise-wide access over a private network to cloud data and services in locations that were previously beleaguered by latency. The service is built on Aryaka’s network of globally distributed Points of Presence (POPs), which sit close to business users and are connected with a dedicated private core network. You pay only for what you consume, and your business will enjoy LAN-like speeds when accessing cloud and SaaS applications from anywhere (and delivering them to anywhere) in the world.

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  • Global Network. Our worldwide network of distributed Points of Presence (POPs) include locations positioned close to end users anywhere in the world. Each is connected via our private core network to provide reliable enterprise-grade global connectivity.
  • Predictable High Performance. Built-in diversity and redundancy provide reliable, stable and predictable connectivity around the globe, between your sites and to SaaS and Cloud services. We help you avoid “middle mile” congestion problems, and our patented multi-segment solution minimizes the impact of packet loss on the first/last mile, delivering optimized, low-latency, predictable performance.
  • Bandwidth Scaling. Aryaka’s memory-based compression and Advanced Redundancy Removal™ (ARR™) data de-duplication technologies reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 98%, delivering 20-50X bandwidth scaling benefits. The end result? “LAN-like” performance over the WAN.
  • Accelerate All Applications. Our multi-tenant managed WAN Optimization technology offers application acceleration proxies for “chatty” protocols like CIFS and MAPI, data deduplication and compression for bandwidth scaling, as well as generalized TCP optimization. We also speed up rich media applications, such as videoconferencing and IP applications. In other words, we accelerate all of your applications, not just the easy ones.
  • Connect directly to Amazon Web Services. Together, Aryaka and Amazon Web Services (AWS) deliver a unified infrastructure for accessing global cloud and enterprise resources. Enterprises gain optimized access for all of their locations and users to their designated locations within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environments – without installing appliances or private links.
  • QoS. Our network honors your Quality of Service (QoS) markings to prioritize business-critical applications by class (such as for real-time applications) over other data traveling across the network, guaranteeing performance levels. The ability to burst above your subscription with Network OnDemand provides even more capacity for peak loads.
  • Visibility. Our web-based MyAryaka™ portal delivers end-to-end network-wide visibility. With our service-based WAN Optimization offering, we handle all of the management for you, providing 24/7 support via Network Operations Centers (NOCs) located on opposite sides of the world.
  • Deploy in Minutes. You simply connect into the Aryaka network over existing Internet links (or using a direct L2 connection) and can be up and running in minutes, not weeks or months.
  • Zero CapEx. With Aryaka, you don’t have to buy expensive hardware, and don’t have to agree to expensive training, consulting and ongoing maintenance contracts. With Aryaka, you pay for what you use, can scale up or down at will, and don’t have to manage a thing. We do that for you. You subscribe for the bandwidth you need, when you need it, instead of building your WAN for future growth. We offer global on-demand capacity.