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Improved Application Performance over the WAN

Application slowness over intercontinental distances because of the WAN erodes business productivity.

By turning WAN Optimization into a service, Aryaka enables global businesses of all sizes deploy an ultra-optimized, software-defined WAN in minutes, leverage the power of patented compression, data deduplication and application acceleration techniques, scale up and down as needed, and never again pay for capacity they don’t use.

Today’s fast-paced, global, distributed enterprise requires speedy, reliable application performance or employee productivity will suffer. The legacy approach to this problem, MPLS plus WAN Optimization appliances, wasn’t designed for our cloud-enabled, mobile, and social age. This old approach requires lengthy deployment times, expensive hardware purchases, and ongoing maintenance and management contracts.

Aryaka has pioneered a different method, stripping away expensive, complicated hardware and replacing it with an on-demand, cloud-based service.

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Aryaka’s WAN as-a-Service is the world’s first cloud-delivered WAN acceleration solution built on a global private multi-tenant network for all enterprise WAN needs.

We Have All The Solutions For Your Enterprise WAN Issues

Connect Global Offices Instantly

Slow, unreliable branch office connectivity over Internet OR high cost and long deployment timelines with MPLS.

Improved Application Performance Over the WAN

Application slowness over intercontinental distances because of the WAN erodes employee productivity.

Faster Access to Cloud Applications

Poor performance of cloud and SaaS applications in remote locations due to high latency stifles productivity and collaboration.

Enhanced Website & Web Application Performance

Poor end-user experience due to slow-loading websites and web applications.

Blazing fast IP Application Delivery to Remote Employees

Slow access to centrally hosted enterprise IP applications by mobile employees eliminates the gains mobility should deliver.

Split Second Response Times For Saas Applications

Slow application delivery by saas providers leads to poor end user experience and heavy customer churn