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Without reliable networks, the IoT ain’t gonna work

It used to be considered cool if you owned one of those cell phones the size of a VHS cartridge. The savvy and successful loved to brandish their new flip phones, snapping it open and closed with a flourish. In a very short timeframe, we have moved from owning cumbersome personal computers and landline phones, […]

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The Network Manager’s “Aha!” Moment

I see the look on their faces all the time, sitting across a conference table, chatting with the corporate IT team. As I explain what our Software-Defined Network Platform does for our customers, their faces change! There is a brief pause and then comes the “Aha!” moment. They’ve just realized that their jobs are about […]

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Cloud Evolution Drives WAN Evolution

It seems like we have been talking about “the cloud” for well over a decade. Despite that, in many ways it’s still a relatively new concept that has caused some confusion and even frustration over the years. No one understands the cloud? In 2014 there was a Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel movie based on […]

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SD-WAN: GPS For Your Network Traffic?

Public Internet traffic is quickly becoming like traffic gridlock on I-10 during rush hours in LA. Los Angeles Traffic Gridlock Anyone who has visited Los Angeles (LA) or lived in the city in the past would think you have super powers if you could solve the city’s traffic problems. Indeed, traffic congestion is a huge […]

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30th Anniversary of Interop Interop is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the kickoff of its conference in Las Vegas (May 2-6), and Aryaka is excited to be here. It gives us another chance to connect with our customers, partners, press, and analysts, and we’re looking forward to discussing new developments in our software defined network […]

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