Requirements for a New Enterprise WAN

A few weeks ago, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners invested in series D funding of Aryaka’s global SD-WAN. The investment arm of the major telecommunications company made a historic decision to look toward the future of enterprise networking by participating in the funding. The reason? MPLS “has reached its peak” as Jack Young, Partner at Deutsche […]

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McKinsey CIO Survey Highlights Cloud Adoption Changing the Enterprise WAN

According to a recent survey from McKinsey & Company, CIOs and IT Executives from a variety of industries are now moving more of their IT workloads to cloud services. For legacy networks and edge-device providers who still think third-party cloud services are a passing fad, the writing is on the wall. Here are a few […]

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4 Major Impacts to SD-WAN in 2017

In 2016, the market began to show signs that many IT leaders were looking at SD-WAN as an alternative to MPLS for their enterprise network. According to Gartner, the SD-WAN market has over 2000 paying customers and this number is continuing to rise. As this technology promises to deliver less complexity, more agility, and greater […]

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CloudWorks Magazine Features Major EMEA Partnership Between Aryaka and Videns IT Services

The December issue of the European tech magazine, CloudWorks, had their cover story on the recent partnership between Aryaka and the Dutch technology solution provider, Videns IT Services. Below are some of the highlights I’d like to share in my conversation with Ferran van den Berg, Business Development director at Videns. A special thanks to […]

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Top 4 Reasons CIOs are Driving to SD-WAN

Enterprises of all sizes are in the midst of the largest and most disruptive technology revolutions today. The advancement of cloud, SaaS, and mobile computing are set to reshape how organizations and enterprise IT work with data and applications. This trend is most noticeable with companies moving from hosting mission-critical applications exclusively in their corporate […]

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