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Why Not All Enterprise WANs Are Created Equal

Recently, we joined an episode of the Packet Pushers podcast (listen here), and it brought up an interesting discussion on the transition of the enterprise WAN from MPLS to software-defined WANs – and beyond. Why MPLS No Longer Works for the Enterprise MPLS used to be a great product before the enterprise truly globalized and […]

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5 Questions MPLS Providers Hope You Won’t Ask

For 20 years, MPLS has been the enterprise answer to providing the organization with stable and reliable connectivity. Today, MPLS providers still serve a $30 billion+ market. However, though a lot has changed with the enterprise WAN over the past two decades, it seems not much has changed with MPLS. MPLS was designed to provide […]

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McKinsey CIO Survey Highlights Cloud Adoption Changing the Enterprise WAN

According to a recent survey from McKinsey & Company, CIOs and IT Executives from a variety of industries are now moving more of their IT workloads to cloud services. For legacy networks and edge-device providers who still think third-party cloud services are a passing fad, the writing is on the wall. Here are a few […]

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Is it Time for a WAN Reset? Gartner Looks at SD-WAN: The Future of Enterprise Networks

“The WAN is a mess!” proclaimed Gartner Analyst, Andrew Lerner, during their recent Data Center Infrastructure and Operations conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lerner was the host of two major sessions focused on the network at the conference: The Enterprise Network Scenario and SD-WAN: Smoke and Mirrors. The Complex State of Many WANs According […]

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How the WAN Is Changing in the Age of As-A-Service: A Webinar Recap

“We’re witnessing the fastest transformation of the WAN ever seen,” said Dave Nuti, VP of Americas for Aryaka. Dave and John Burke, Principal Research Analyst & CIO at Nemertes Research, co-hosted a highly informative webinar on the need for IT executives to consider new alternatives to network deployment in order to keep up with today’s […]

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