Is it Time to Replace Your MPLS? How a global SD-WAN fits (and trims) the bill

The move to cloud has exposed some of the limitations to MPLS networking services, especially with global enterprises who face challenges delivering mission-critical applications to worldwide users. Learn about the best practices for delivering fast and reliable application performance by replacing MPLS connections with a global SD-WAN.


MPLS has been used to connect international offices for almost 20 years, but it is not built for the mission-critical applications used by today’s global enterprise. Learn how cloud and SaaS apps have changed network traffic patterns, and why MPLS is not designed for today’s connectivity needs. We will also cover available solutions that provide the performance, consistency, and agility needed in a network for today’s global enterprise.

How to speed up Salesforce

The quality of network connectivity is critical for Salesforce performance and business execution. Global enterprises with a single hosted SFDC data center need fast and reliable access, regardless of geography. In this webinar, you will learn how to optimize Salesforce application performance to significantly improve business execution, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

How replacing MPLS improves business execution: A Volex Case Study

This webinar covers how one global manufacturing company got rid of MPLS and transformed their network with a global SD-WAN. You will learn how replacing MPLS with a global SD-WAN can gain more reliable connectivity and accelerated performance to cloud services and SaaS-based applications, including Office 365, Salesforce, and ERP software.

SD-WAN: Rethink Your WAN in the Age of As-A-Service

SD-WAN has become the rage in modern networking, but there’s been some confusion about what it can do, since many different vendors claim to provide the service. This webinar will go over the solutions SD-WAN was built for and how to identify the right approach to this technology for your business.