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Aryaka vs. Riverbed

1) Faster to deploy & simpler to manage than Riverbed appliances

Riverbed Steelhead, or any other WAN Optimization appliances, need to be purchased, shipped and deployed; that much is obvious. But then there is also the ongoing time and effort to manage and maintain the devices: patches, software upgrades, software configuration, etc. If you want network-wide visibility, that means buying and deploying still more network monitoring/visibility software and managing that as well as the hardware it runs on, and the data it stores. And between MPLS service and the appliances, provisioning additional capacity can be very expensive, time consuming or both. Sometimes upgrading bandwidth even means purchasing a bigger appliance.

With Aryaka’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service solution, we take the hassle out of deploying equipment. You can be up and running in minutes with your traffic accelerated across the Aryaka network. As part of our service model, we’re the ones doing the maintenance of the WAN Optimization software and the network reporting, so that you don’t have to. Our multi-tenancy architecture drives our costs down, so we can pass the savings on to you.

2) Private WAN as part of the package

Riverbed and other WAN Optimization appliance solutions were designed for deployment across a reliable – and expensive – private WAN like MPLS, and they basically assume an underlying low-loss, stable latency WAN in order to deliver peak performance.  Aryaka’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service packages a dedicated core network with built-in diversity and redundancy based on globally distributed POPs together with our cloud-based WAN Optimization technology. You get reliability and stable low latency across the globe, combined with the application performance benefits that WAN Optimization delivers – without having to pay separately for MPLS.

3) High performance, reliable access to cloud services and SaaS

As noted above, WAN Optimization appliances have been designed for deployment across locations connected with a reliable private WAN like MPLS. They weren’t designed for accelerating or providing predictable performance access to cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services, or SaaS applications like, accessed over the public Internet. But congestion-based performance problems resulting in high packet loss rates and high latency happen periodically on the Internet, especially for international connections, and can make remote access to SaaS and cloud services sluggish or unusable.

Aryaka’s solution combining enterprise grade connectivity, WAN Optimization functionality and WAN and application visibility, all accessed over the Internet (or using direct L2 connections to one of our POPs), was designed from the ground up to provide accelerated, predictable performance to cloud-based services and enterprise locations alike, making it a particularly cost effective solution to enable enterprises to migrate more of their applications to cloud computing and SaaS providers without sacrificing performance or network predictability, reliability and visibility. Traffic between your locations and your SaaS or cloud services providers rides our optimized network to get directly to, or at least very close to, the colocation facilities where the services are offered, delivering much better performance for those connections crossing an ocean, and more predictable performance all the time compared with using the unaided public Internet.

4) Zero CapEx, low TCO

Buying and deploying Riverbed boxes for each enterprise location is expensive, when you consider the total cost of ownership (TCO), which includes the often-overlooked costs of annual maintenance, ongoing support and replacing the devices when their hardware becomes outdated. Don’t forget the cost of visibility/reporting software. Oh, and then there is also the high monthly cost of the underlying MPLS WAN service needed to provide the expected network reliability and predictability.

Aryaka’s solution, which combines cloud-based WAN Optimization technology, enterprise-grade connectivity via our dedicated reliable core network based on globally distributed POPs, and centralized WAN and application layer visibility all in a single solution which simply costs less. Less than using WAN Optimization appliances over public Internet VPNs and a lot less than the cost of WAN Optimization appliances plus MPLS. All with a single monthly bill with no CapEx costs and no extra or hidden costs for reporting/visibility, maintenance or future upgrades. You pay only for what you need, when you need it. We offer elastic capacity with instant upgrades, so you can quickly and easily add bandwidth across our network as your needs grow, with no risk of wasted upfront CapEx investment.

5) End-to-end WAN and application visibility

With the traditional approach of MPLS from a service provider combined with Riverbed or other WAN Optimization appliances, you typically need to buy additional management visibility software to get a central view of application performance. Then, you’ll also need separate third-party tools to gain visibility into the performance of your WAN.

With Aryaka, you get the web-based MyAryaka portal for network-wide visibility for both network connectivity and application performance and usage of the network. It provides advanced traffic analysis and the ability to zoom in to a very granular view of what is happening over your WAN – all with nothing extra to purchase and no extra databases to provision or manage.

6) Superior performance over Internet connections

Riverbed and other WAN Optimization appliance solutions were designed for deployment across a reliable private WAN like MPLS, and they assume the underlying WAN connectivity is reliable and predictable. Consequently, they just don’t perform well when the WAN is comprised of public Internet-based VPN connections. This is especially true for WAN connections spanning an ocean, where not only is latency higher on average, but where the Internet has many more frequent congestion issues, and where the associated high packet loss and jitter will even more severely impact application performance.

Aryaka’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service combines our dedicated core network connecting globally distributed POPs together with our cloud-based WAN Optimization technology. So you get reliability and stable low latency across the globe, together with the application performance benefits that WAN Optimization delivers. In particular, our multi-segment solution combining POPs located near end user locations with that low latency, stable private core between those POPs not only results in far fewer congestion problems in “the middle mile” than Internet VPN solutions offer, but also far better performance from our WAN Optimization functionality than a customer-owned WAN Optimization appliance at each location approach can deliver when congestion does occur at the first or last mile.

7) Fully managed service with 24/7 support

With Riverbed or other WAN Optimization appliances, even after they are first deployed, you are responsible for managing and maintaining the equipment, software upgrades and any visibility / reporting database and software. With Aryaka’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service, like MPLS and unlike Riverbed appliance solutions, we do all of that management and maintenance for you, providing SLAs and 24/7 support for your fully managed network service solution via NOCs located on opposite sides of the world.