Following Divestiture, Chemicals Company Splits Infrastructure with Zero Downtime

Element Solutions Inc. first leveraged Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN solution to consolidate its global infrastructure of 200+ sites. When the company recently divested a division of its business, Aryaka enabled and accelerated a smooth split of Element Solution’s network with zero downtime.

Element SolutionsElement Solutions Inc., formerly Platform Specialty Products, is a global, diversified producer of high technology specialty chemical products and provider of technical services.

Acquisitions have played a major role in the company’s growth in recent years. Yet that growth also created the major business challenge of connecting and unifying multiple small businesses across the globe while also readying for any future acquisitions.

Not only did Element Solution’s former network contain multiple different routing platforms, hardware and data centers, but connecting global users to business critical applications was a nightmare. Site-to-site VPNs were costly and slow, taking multiple days to connect.

While Element Solutions considered a traditional MPLS deployment, the 18 – 24-month time to deploy and high costs led them to explore other options. Ultimately, Element Solutions needed a managed solution that would enable them to adopt a cloud-first approach to their network.

With Aryaka, Element Solutions was able to consolidate their IT infrastructure, deploy in under four months and accelerate application performance for their end-users.

“With Aryaka, we’ve saved approximately two to three million dollars over a traditional MPLS solution. We’ve also seen a significant increase in file transfers – anywhere up to 20x increase in speed.”

Dustin Collins
Chief Information Officer
Element Solutions

Element Solutions Results with Aryaka

Managed SD-WAN Benefits

But business is dynamic and constantly evolving. So when Element Solutions divested the agricultural division of its business earlier this year, the IT organization that had consolidated the company’s IT infrastructure was then tasked with divesting a portion of that infrastructure.

In a transition that could have taken up to 18 months with other vendors, Aryaka managed the split in less than two months, saving Element Solutions countless internal IT hours. And with zero downtime.

“One of the things that we really like about our partnership with Aryaka is that they’re flexible to help us when we need them. As our business requirements change and our infrastructure requirements change, Aryaka has been flexible to meet those requirements.”

Stan Yarbrough
PH.D, Sr. Global IT Architect
Element Solutions

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