With SmartCONNECT,
Global Enterprises Achieve:

300% faster uploads
to OneDrive

Real-time synchronization with
SharePoint files worldwide

Up to 89% data reduction;
No need for additional bandwidth

Deliver Office 365 within
30ms of global end-users

Accelerate Office 365 Performance
Up to 40X with Aryaka

Faster, Predictable Access to Microsoft Productivity Suite through SmartCONNECT SD-WAN as a Service

Team productivity within modern enterprises is highly dependent on a high performance and reliable network, especially when using cloud applications. When it comes to Office 365, a fair amount of tuning is required to get it optimized for an acceptable experience. In fact, Microsoft advises that customers budget at least 20% additional bandwidth for an Office 365 deployment for it to run effectively. However, branch and remote users experience regular performance challenges due to the following:

  • Multiple connections per session
  • Connection persistence
  • Application and data synchronization

Slow Office 365 performance over the public Internet is often a result of high latency and packet loss, in addition to lack of control over bandwidth usage.

Aryaka’s SmartCONNECT SD-WAN as a Service offers a solution for faster Office 365 performance for globally distributed enterprises.

Accelerate Office 365 Performance Up to 40X with Aryaka

Aryaka’s SmartCONNECT SD-WAN as a Service with Office 365 acceleration bypasses the public Internet and leverages a software-defined, global private network. Enterprises get predictable application performance, multi-cloud connectivity, and security combined with fast deployment.

SmartCONNECT also comes with a virtual cloud gateway where local POPs, within close proximity to SaaS clouds, act as a local client to those services. This gives branch users from anywhere in the world LAN-speed access to Office 365 applications. Along with this, Aryaka uses WAN optimization and application proxies to deliver up to 40 times faster Office 365 performance to global users

Additionally, Aryaka is a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner, so customers can elect either a private connection or an IPsec VPN into their Office 365 cloud from the closest Aryaka POP. In either case, enterprises get all the benefits of application performance from Aryaka’s global private network.

SmartCONNECT benefits
for Office 365 include:

  • Up to 40X Faster Performance Leverage TCP optimization, compression, deduplication, and application proxies to speed up Office 365
  • Simplified Multi-Cloud Access Connect directly to and between multiple cloud platforms from Aryaka’s private network
  • Fast Global Network Deployment Bringup locations in hours,anywhere in the world
  • End-to-End Network and Application Visibility Gain a granular view into network