Aryaka offers last-mile WAN traffic management systems function

Aryaka introduced new last-mile connectivity capabilities for users of its WAN-optimization-as-a-service offering. Aryaka ONE, available now, beefs up edge connectivity through a host of security, aggregation and access features, said Sonal Puri, the firm’s chief marketing officer.

IP Application Delivery: The Unsung Hero of the CDN Industry

Content delivery networks play a key role in improving user experiences on the web and are responsible for the growth we have seen in the consumption of online content.

WAN Optimization Buying Guide

It’s one thing to store massive amounts of data. But having a vast amount of data in a top-of-the-line storage network isn’t much use if you can’t serve that data rapidly to end user populations that are increasingly mobile and often global.

Aryaka Networks 2015 Predictions: Global Enterprise Cloud Predictions

2015 Global Enterprise Cloud Predictions

Cloud networks impede application progress

As more companies move to the cloud, they see the enormous potential of SaaS applications. However, networks remain a roadblock to progress.

Do Chinese cloud "enablers"

This year, Century Internet cloud layout intense limelight: the acquisition of China’s second-largest private Internet service providers Epps network investment Cloud Communications API ISP Nexmo, and cloud computing network that is ISP Aryaka entered into a strategic cooperation, acquisition of Asia’s leading Virtual Private Network VPN service providers Dermot, a joint venture with Foxconn to build cloud data centers, and the Office365 to promote Microsoft’s Windows Azure public cloud service

WAN Optimization: On Cloud Nine

The market is seeing a proliferation of players offering the now commoditized technology

Mobile devices and the enterprise network

Enterprise network management needs to be part of any major mobility initiative whether it is BYOD or a major system update like iOS 8.

Web App Acceleration Market Heating Up: Service A Key Requirement For SaaS Providers

Software as a Service presents a tempting value proposition to businesses all over the world. The benefits are obvious – lower TCO and cost savings, flexibility, ease of access as well as relief from maintenance and upgrade hassles.

Aryaka's CDN Offering: Boon for Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics was primarily founded to provide economic forecasting and modeling to U.K. companies and financial institutions expanding abroad. Needing to retain its reputation as an independent global advisory firm that provided an unparalleled ability to forecast external market trends, it had to improve application response time for global users. It hence selected Aryaka’s CDN for Web application delivery.

U.S. cloud firm speeds up content delivery

Faster devices and increasing bandwidth are great for workplace productivity as well as enjoying online entertainment content. However faster Internet service has a few unwanted by products and one of them is dwindling patience.

Net Neutrality and CDNs – No level playing field anymore

Reports that the FCC is considering new norms that would significantly affect net neutrality in the US have sparked a raging debate on how such regulations could ever even be put on the table at all.