Author: jasonwells
Crunching the Numbers on SD-WAN Reliability and Speed: Internet vs. Global Private Networks
How long is 4,000 milliseconds? It depends on who you ask. For global enterprises whose success depends on getting information to the other side of the planet and back quickly and reliably, 4000 milliseconds can be an[...]
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WAN Optimization Solves App Delays for Global Equipment Supplier
If you rely on the Internet to support users around the world, you are likely frustrated by slow network speeds. Whether you’re in Kuala Lumpur or Kentucky, using the public Internet means your precious packets can get[...]
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Using SD-WAN and UCaaS to Improve Global Enterprise Communications
You can battle proprietary on-premises video conferencing tools and deal with buffering errors, or enjoy a smoother experience via the cloud. In this distributed, global business climate, we don’t always have the luxury or travel budget for[...]
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How SD-WAN Can Improve Application Performance for Global Enterprises
Digital transformation is reshaping how global enterprises conduct business at a significant rate and with the remote and mobile workforce increasing rapidly, accessing mission-critical applications is more vital to business productivity than ever. Even on top of[...]
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Five Reasons Why Telcos Won’t Solve IoT Connectivity
By 2018, the Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to be an industry worth 470 billion dollars. The changes in networking needs for IoT will open multiple opportunities for both new and existing companies in the connectivity[...]
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SD-WAN Providers Are Ignoring Remote Access
The WAN wasn’t built in a day – but you’d think that SD-WAN providers would have at least spent some time considering how to build one of the most important pieces of the WAN into their cloud[...]
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