3 Reasons to consider ARYAKA’s SmartCDN for your Global business

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) market continues to evolve as new technologies and startups force change upon the landscape, and it seems there is no end in sight to the disruptions.

Startups are introducing new ways of using innovative cloud-based architectures and challenging legacy technologies to conduct business cheaper and faster. Additionally, technology sectors such as security and WAN are collapsing into the CDN industry.

All this change is good for the buyers of these services because they have more choices than ever before — however, with the abundance of choice, it’s easy to get confused about what exactly buyers are getting, as vendors market themselves in similar ways.

Traditional CDNs focus on the caching and delivery of static content. Video CDNs improve video streaming (live and VOD) experiences using encoding and repackaging technologies. Security CDNs provide Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS Mitigation services via scrubbing centers. In the recent past, a new class of CDNs entered the fray and focused on accelerating personalized, dynamic content.

Aryaka’s SmartCDN falls in this last category. SmartCDN is an innovative and unique, high-performance CDN platform built for the delivery and acceleration of dynamic web and IP content/applications. We’ve built a full-service global CDN from the ground up, tailored to meet the needs of global SaaS providers, e-commerce companies, and other worldwide enterprises.

Here are three reasons why Aryaka’s SmartCDN is something that today’s businesses must consider deploying

1) Custom-built Platform for Dynamic Content Delivery

CDN FOR YOUR GLOBAL BUSINESSAryaka’s SmartCDN solution is built to address the needs of dynamic applications and focused on accelerating truly personalized, bi-directional content for every request, and provides a reliable and fast network pathway globally for dynamic content.

Traditional CDN’s provide dynamic content acceleration capability by bolting on some of the required functionality on top of their existing architectures, which are highly optimized for static content delivery. Some CDN vendors claim to do “dynamic content delivery,” while only supporting cached pages with a short TTL that can be shared with all users for a period of a few seconds. These solutions don’t work at all for the transaction-oriented bi-directional interactive applications that the industry is moving towards.

In addition to provising HTTP(s) acceleration, Aryaka’s SmartCDN can also accelerate the performance at the TCP level for of non-HTTP(S) applications. It also works well for mobile applications. SmartCDN is a truly application-agnostic dynamic content delivery platform.

2) Dynamic Content Delivery Is Provided over a Global Private Network

Aryaka is one of very few providers in the market that offers a CDN service powered by a global private network infrastructure. This means website traffic spends less time on the public Internet and more time on our global private network, which is built by aggregating multiple layer-2 point to point links from top-tier telcos around the world.

This technology is a stark contrast to traditional CDN solutions that rely on the public Internet for content delivery. A few solutions attempt to accelerate access by routing traffic through the “path of least resistance”, but packet loss and jitter are unavoidable on the middle mile of the public Internet, adversely affecting web and SaaS application performance.

Traditional CDNs do a good job of improving performance for static content by building high-end caching platforms. However, this doesn’t work for dynamic and interactive content that can never be cached. The true judge of dynamic content delivery is the quality, intelligence, and functionality of the middle mile, since the content needs to be retrieved from the origin server every time it is accessed.

3) Content Delivery Purpose-Built for the Global Enterprise

Beyond providing a dedicated pathway for global dynamic content, Aryaka’s SmartCDN is a feature-rich, highly optimized content and application delivery platform, which includes many advanced features that were introduced to support a wide range of enterprise needs.

These include:

  • Fair Use Caching Policy: Each customer’s cache is managed separately and eviction happens fairly across all customers, as opposed to favoring few high utilization domains.
  • RAM and Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage: Enables faster retrieval of content from cache, when compared to HDD-based storage. This greatly improves the first byte time and overall time for small objects.
  • TCP Optimization and Data Compression: Supercharges the delivery of TCP applications using innovative techniques, while compressing traffic for more efficient bandwidth utilization.
  • Dynamic Rule Engine: Edge-based policies support fully-customizable configurations including geo-targeting, device detection, multi-site hosting, personalized content delivery, and more.
  • Purging: Deletes stale content at the edge with API tools so users have the most recent content available for consumption.
  • WAF and DDoS Mitigation: Intelligent edge proxies determine invalid attack requests, and absorb multiple DDoS attacks at the edge server to free cache resources quickly.
  • Real Time Visibility: Provides access to advanced network and application visibility, and analytics on website traffic patterns, in order to troubleshoot, report, and aid in more informed decision-making.

The best way to experience what Aryaka’s SmartCDN can do for your web applications is by evaluating its performance in your own environment. Sign up for a free trial today!

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About the author

Vikas Garg
Vikas Garg is the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Aryaka. Vikas has more than 20 years of experience in Computer Networking with more than 10 years of design, development, and management experience in the CDN industry.