Does more bandwidth fix all IT issues?

Infoworld’s Dan Tynan posted a very interesting article today titled ‘IT’s biggest money wasters’. While there were a lot of great points in the article, the one I found most interesting was the subject of ‘Excess Bandwidth’. To quote the article: “If a problem arises anywhere on the network, IT’s first response is almost always to throw more bandwidth at it.” This is an issue we have seen countless times  where in a misguided attempt to resolve network issues, IT teams at some of the world’s most technically advanced companies simply try to throw more bandwidth at the problem.

However, in reality, the actual issues with the network may include poorly coded client-server applications that slow down over the WAN, usage of bandwidth hogging applications such as recreational video/general internet use, or simply the latency over a global WAN link. In these cases, it makes more sense to properly use and manage the existing bandwidth by deploying a WAN Optimization solution to mitigate the latency problem. Furthermore, utilizing a cloud-based service such as Aryaka allows for faster setup and does away with the costs and complexity associated with installing and managing the hardware used in traditional solutions.

The article quotes Andrew Rubin of Cymtec, saying,  “A better approach is to build a little ahead of the 8-ball, but manage it as tightly as humanly possible…Understanding what’s happening and having great visibility and control is how you can get the most out of your investment.” While the comment on visibility is spot-on and something we strive to excel in with our MyAryaka customer portal, the other key factor is scalability. A major challenge companies face with traditional solutions is determining how much bandwidth they need. Overestimating bandwidth needs results in paying for more than what you actually use, while underestimating bandwidth results in the need to renegotiate an expensive network contract.

Hence, the criticality for a WAN Optimization solution to be easily scalable becomes even more important. It is not only important for a WAN Optimization solution to transfer large amounts of data over congested links, but it also needs to be able to support increased bandwidth requirements. With Aryaka’s cloud-based private network and self-service portal, customers can scale up their dedicated bandwidth requirements in a matter of hours instead of the months it would take with traditional providers. The portal similarly makes it very easy to add new locations to a customer network as well.

The key takeaway from this article is that to resolve issues with the network, you don’t need excess bandwidth. Instead, what you need is a smarter optimized network with visibility and scalability across all your locations, applications and their performance.

Have you been able to effectively battle the urge to throw more bandwidth at the problem. Tell us your experiences!

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