Downloads as “simple as sipping a cup of coffee”!

The fine folks at TechTarget have trained a spotlight on our valued customer Hirsch Bedner Associates for choosing Aryaka over Riverbed and MPLS. In her article Cloud WAN optimization keeps global design firm offices in sync, Gina Narcisi writes in SearchEnterpriseWAN about the plight HBA IT Director Bruce Difley faced trying to ensure smooth collaboration across design teams in India, China and the U.S. HBA was really struggling with the WAN. Trying to transfer large design files like Autodesk AutoCAD and 3dsMax were a major pain and downloads slowed to a crawl – as long as 30 minutes or more.

Bruce scouted around for a solution and discovered that throwing hardware appliances at the problem was too costly and complex. Plus, if a project ended after a year, HBA was still on the hook to pay for those same hardware costs, even if an office had dropped from 50 employees to 25 after completing the project. MPLS link prices were out-of-this-world. Bruce came across our solution and quickly moved to the cloud. Now downloads that were excruciatingly painful could be done quickly and as “simple as sipping a cup of coffee.”

It’s a great story. Hats off to HBA, named the world’s No. 1 Design Firm (Interior Design magazine), for moving to the cloud for WAN optimization!

So are your global teams wasting time and money standing around for downloads that seemingly take forever? See what the leaders are doing to end that nonsense and start seeing immediate productivity gains.

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