The Importance of the WAN to Cloud Infrastructure

Aryaka was recently mentioned in an ITBusinessEdge blog by Arthur Cole – ‘WAN Optimization for a Better Cloud’. The article discusses the critical role of the WAN in terms of the development of cloud infrastructure. From the post:

WAN optimization has been with us for some time, having already proven its worth in lowering costs and increasing connectivity between central offices, remote branches and even clients/partners. But there’s a new sense of urgency these days as more and more enterprises come to realize how vital the WAN is to burgeoning cloud infrastructures.

WAN and the Cloud

With the move to the cloud, private or public, network connectivity becomes more and more important for enterprises as they host critical applications in remote datacenters (private clouds), or on public cloud platforms.  The lack of a reliable network across geographies becomes a bottleneck to the roll-out of cloud solutions, especially in developing nations like India and China where the network infrastructure is not as well developed as perhaps EMEA or the US. When you have an office in one of these locations, you need to have it up and running at maximum performance, whether it is next door or on the next continent.

WAN Optimization a Necessity

While no one can prevent a complete network outage (the recent ‘outage’ in Egypt for example!), WAN Optimization can help enterprises squeeze the maximum out of their congested, low bandwidth links ideally, without having to pay too much out of their IT budgets. The only problem – hardware based WAN Optimization appliances have a high cost and are extremely complex to install, manage and upgrade.

SaaS-based WAN Optimization solutions like Aryaka’s WAN Optimization and application acceleration with no capital expenditure involved are the best hope for enterprises to get the most out of their network infrastructure. They can help remote offices be most productive and shift applications to the cloud without breaking the bank.

Before long, however, optimization will make the transition from worthy goal to must-have necessity. At that point, we’ll probably have to stop thinking about “optimization” entirely and start focusing on minimally acceptable WAN performance.