Would a 1 Gbps Internet connection Improve Your Company’s Global Productivity?

Does connection SPEED really matter

There’s been lots of discussion on the Internet lately about South Korea’s plan to connect every home to the Internet at 1 gigabit per second this year. (By the way, that’s 200X faster that the average household setup here in the U.S. where I reside).

By the end of next year, global Internet video will exceed 50 percent of consumer Internet traffic. Every second, 1 million minutes of video content will cross global networks in 2015. It would take you more than 5 years to watch the amount of video that crosses each second.  Add other upward consumer trends like video communications, gaming, increased reliance on email, social communications and more. It’s mind boggling. And as consumers thirst for bandwidth increases, the ability for ISPs to meet or exceed these fast connectivity expectations will determine overall customer satisfaction.

After all, connectivity speed does matter. Or does it? At Aryaka, we believe it is performance that really matters. Connection speed is only one part of the equation.

History shows that emerging enterprise organizations built their business over the Internet and found it acceptable until they began globalizing their workforce.  Even in 2012 some regions around the world (and here in the US too) find that poor connection speeds do create a bad experience. And here’s the kicker—it’s a fact that slow and fast Internet connection speeds will deliver a poor user experience if the global network has not been optimized to remove all of the bottlenecks that get in the way of quickly delivering global business applications and content. That’s when business ‘over the Internet’ literally hits the wall… productivity goes way down and end users are not happy.

Global companies have been trying to optimize a ‘better Internet for business’ over the past decade, spending millions and millions of dollars. Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization is a $1.5 billion dollar market today where single point solutions have been developed over the past decade—from dumb pipes and meshed MPLS networks and content delivery networks to appliances.

Aryaka was born to solve the whole equation—not 50% of it like traditional solutions render. We purpose-built that ‘better Internet for business’ with a globally-optimized enterprise service. Our secret sauce includes an underlying, dedicated, closed and elastic network that removes all of the delivery bottlenecks. This means reliable connections and more than enough bandwidth (speed) for data transfer of dynamic web-based and windows-based business applications, file sharing, video communications, VoIP, cloud services access and more.  Add world class support to the list as a bonus.

Our customers are truly putting the pedal to the metal for increased productivity and an amazing work experience.

Ping me if you want to hear more. I’ll show you how we can keep your mission-critical business from hitting the wall.


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