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Aryaka’s Global POP

Aryaka Global SD-WAN

Aryaka disrupts telcos by providing the #1 MPLS alternative solution to enterprises. Aryaka’s global SD-WAN delivers a significantly better performance for cloud and on-premises applications — voice, video and data — for enterprise datacenters, branch offices and remote/mobile employees anywhere in the world.

Unlike MPLS that takes months to deploy, Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN can be deployed within days. It is delivered as a service, so IT organizations can consume global networking services the way they would consume SaaS applications like Salesforce and infrastructure-as-service like AWS and Azure.

#1 MPLS Alternative Application Acceleration Consume vs. Construct
  • Directly connect to the cloud
  • Deploy in hours or days
  • Gain significantly better performance and cost savings compared to MPLS
  • Provide fast connectivity for business-critical, on-premises and cloud applications globally
  • Improve application performance for datacenters, branch offices and remote/mobile employees
  • Scale the enterprise with a fully-managed global service
  • Eliminate capital expenses and operational costs
  • Benefit from 24/7 CCIE-level customer support

Corporate Facts of Aryaka



Aryaka® SmartCONNECT is a fully managed global SD-WAN that enables enterprises to replace MPLS for fast on-premises and cloud/SaaS application performance to branch offices.


Aryaka® SmartACCESS is the first SD-WAN for remote access. The clientless solution significantly improves application performance for remote and mobile users anywhere in the world.


Aryaka® SmartCDN is a dynamic content delivery solution that helps enterprises deliver web and IP applications faster to global users.

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Customers Aryaka

Aryaka Global SD-WAN

Global SD-WAN Aryaka

“Aryaka’s biggest strength is they own the network where the biggest source of application performance challenges lie. They are ideal for companies with a global presence.”

Jack Young | Partner, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners


Awards to Aryaka

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About Aryaka Networks
Aryaka’s global SD-WAN is the #1 MPLS alternative for global enterprises. Aryaka delivers a global enterprise connectivity solution for datacenters, branch offices and remote/mobile employees with significantly better performance for on-premises and cloud applications – voice, video and data. It is delivered as a service eliminating the need for complicated, costly and time consuming WAN construction and maintenance. Unlike MPLS, Aryaka global SD-WAN can be deployed anywhere in the world within days without requiring additional hardware or resources.

WWW.ARYAKA.COM             +1.877.727.9252

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