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Aryaka SmartACCESS

Application performance issues continue to plague remote/mobile employees and small offices as they access corporate resources over the internet. Current VPN architectures for remote access often fail to meet the performance expectations of these users, due to unreliable latencies, packet loss and jitter on the public Internet.

  • For On-Premises Applications: VPN access and performance are slow as traffic crosses long-haul Internet links.
  • For Cloud/SaaS Applications: Application performance is slow when traffic is backhauled over the Internet to ensure secure connectivity.

The use of shadow IT to work around VPN issues poses a huge security risk. Moreover, when enterprises deploy multiple VPN concentrators globally to tackle performance issues, it adds significant costs, complexity and maintenance hassles.

Remote Access Challenges

For Remote/Mobile Employees
Slow VPN Access
Slow Application Performance
Frequent Disconnects
Confusion when travelling
For IT
High Number of Complaints
Ensuring Security and Compliance
Lack of Network Visibility
High Cost and Complexity

Aryaka SmartACCESS

The First Clientless SD-WAN for Remote Access
Aryaka’s SmartACCESS is the first clientless SD-WAN to software-define remote access. It significantly enhances both on-premises and cloud/SaaS application performance for the remote and mobile workforce without requiring additional hardware or software clients. To achieve this, Aryaka, for the first time, has integrated Dynamic CDN functionality into SD-WAN.

SmartACCESS Globe

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SmartACCESS Diagram

  • Global Private Network
    Enables remote and mobile employees to bypass the unpredictability of the public Internet.
  • WAN Optimization
    Accelerates application delivery.
  • Dynamic IP App Acceleration
    Accelerates all IP-based traffic to global users (application-agnostic acceleration).
  • Direct Cloud/SaaS Connectivity
    Provides fast and reliable access to cloud services and SaaS applications.
  • Intelligent DNS-Based Routing
    Automatically connects mobile and remote employees to the most optimal POP for the best application performance.
  • Global Load Balancing
    Enables remote and mobile employees to use a single domain name to connect to the VPN concentrator without having to change local VPN settings or worrying about where they are.
  • BYOD Support
    Enables faster delivery of applications to all devices and operating systems.

“As an IT infrastructure leader, the ability of Aryaka’s SmartACCESS to centralize, collapse, and control the environment better and reduce the number of control sets you have to run for various audit purposes is the biggest benefit.”

Dustin Collins,

VP, Global Infrastructure Services, Platform Specialty Products

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About Aryaka Networks
Aryaka’s global SD-WAN is the #1 MPLS replacement for global enterprises. Aryaka delivers a global enterprise connectivity solution for datacenters, branch offices and remote/mobile employees with significantly better performance for on-premises and cloud applications – voice, video and data. It is delivered as a service eliminating the need for complicated, costly and time consuming WAN construction and maintenance. Unlike MPLS, Aryaka global SD-WAN can be deployed anywhere in the world within days without requiring additional hardware or resources.

WWW.ARYAKA.COM    +1.877.727.9252

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