Improve WebEx Conferencing Performance

With SmartCONNECT SD-WAN as a Service

Real-time communications for enterprises can be tough. Using the best-e orts Internet often results in a poor experience and user frustration. There’s latency, ine cient bandwidth usage, and packet loss – all of which could impact an important meeting with a customer, partner, or just between teams. This experience can be frustrating and counter-productive. With globally distributed locations, the challenge becomes magni ed even more.

Aryaka’s SmartCONNECT SD-WAN as a Service delivers predictable application performance for Cisco WebEx, o ering enhanced productivity and improved collaboration for enterprises with distributed locations. SmartCONNECT is a turnkey solution that uses Aryaka’s software-de ned, Layer 2 global private network with built-in WAN optimization. This gives your business-critical applications predictable performance and a consistent user experience without the need for MPLS.

Superior Experience Guaranteed Bandwidth Non-stop Uptime Reliable QoS
Quality collaboration sessions using a private network with built-in WAN optimization to minimize jitter, latency, and packet loss. QoS for real-time communications: service prioritization, traffic shaping, and bandwidth reservation algorithms. Enterprise-grade connectivity to Cisco WebEx cloud platforms, through a private network eliminating service interruptions and dropped calls. Intelligent last mile optimization ensures Quality of Service to all locations, including those with poor-quality Internet links.

Improve WebEx Conferencing Performance with SmartCONNECT SD-WAN as a Service

SmartCONNECT also comes with a virtual cloud gateway where local POPs, within close proximity to SaaS clouds, can act as a client to those services. So if your Cisco WebEx is hosted in San Jose and you have users in Asia, their experience would be much like they were on a corporate LAN connected directly to WebEx Cloud. The Aryaka POP in San Jose essentially acts as a local client to the WebEx cloud and the global private network would accelerate the application using WAN optimization, providing LAN-speed access. With Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN, you get predictable performance for all your SaaS and IaaS from anywhere across the world.

Aryaka Delivers Superior Cisco WebEx Experience