Global Content Services Company Dumps MPLS in Favor of Aryaka SmartServices to Save 50K Euros Annually and Accelerate Applications Up to 5X

Amplexor is a global content services player that provides content management solutions and translation services. Founded in Luxembourg in 1987, the company has grown both organically and through acquisitions that have evolved Amplexor from a language services provider into a leading digital solutions provider.

Amplexor’s impressive growth in recent years has expanded them into 23 countries across four continents, yet it has also presented some unique IT challenges.

The Challenge

When opening new offices, Amplexor’s IT team would typically spend three or more months, depending on the location, adding the branch to their existing MPLS network. Not only would this impact their business timeline, but it also became a major time suck for Amplexor’s lean IT team who had to invest countless hours with their telecom provider. Additionally, application performance across their global offices was inconsistent – particularly in China, where critical business applications would often time out and file sharing was slow.

The Solution

After deploying Aryaka SmartServices through their key IT business partner Cloud 365 (, Amplexor saw benefits immediately. First, there was the process. Transitioning away from MPLS to Aryaka was quick and easy. In China, for example, it took just four days from the time of order for the office to be connected to Aryaka’s private Layer-2 network.

Aryaka SmartServices also solved Amplexor’s connectivity challenges in China. No longer was file sharing or high latency an issue. With Aryaka, applications were accelerated by 3X in China and up to 5X in other geographies. Amplexor also realized major cost savings in moving away from MPLS. By the end of Amplexor’s transition to Aryaka’s SD-WAN, the company will save an estimated 50,000 Euros annually. While performance and cost savings were the main drivers behind the move to Aryaka’s SD-WAN, some benefits have been less tangible.

“We chose Aryaka because of the speed of deployment, the simplicity it brings, and the massive cost reduction compared to MPLS. Aryaka has been a great partner that adapts to our business needs and helps us continue to grow at an effective pace.”

Bruno Stuart-Torrie
IT Application and Support Director, Amplexor

According to Bruno Stuart-Torrie, IT Application and Support Director at Amplexor, Aryaka’s managed services have offloaded some of the administrative burdens and headaches of managing a network.

We have also noticed a reduction in manpower. It’s not just the direct gains, but it’s also the happiness the team feels working with this product. They feel supported. We have a true partner in Aryaka.

Bruno Stuart-Torrie
IT Application and Support Director at Amplexor.

Amplexor Results with Aryaka

Accelerated Global Application Performance

5X Accelerated Global
Application Performance

Cost Savings

50,000 Euros
Annually in Cost Savings