The Challenge

Element Solutions is a global, high-tech specialty chemical company that acquired several highly complementary specialty chemicals businesses from 2013 through 2015. About 40% of Element Solutions users are mobile knowl-edge workers, and they require secure connections to everything from SAP, JD Edwards, and Azure to file sharing and business intelligence solutions, whether they are managed in the
cloud or on-premises.
Element Solutions was looking to significantly enhance performance of both on-premises and cloud/SaaS applications for their remote workforce, while re-ducing the complexity of managing 50 VPN concentrators around the world.
Because of network issues and lack of integration, remote user productivity was severely impacted.
In addition, IT was stretched thin managing the secu-rity, and reviewing the policies, firewalls, and the disparate configurations, of the various concentrators.

The ability of Aryaka’s SmartACCESS to centralize and control the environment better and reduce the number of control sets you have to run for various audit purposes is the biggest benefit.

Dustin Collins, VP, Global Infrastructure Services, Element Solutions

Element Solutions Improves Application Performance and Simplifies VPNInfrastructure with Aryaka SmartACCESS

The Solution

Element Solutions was already using Aryaka’s global SD-WAN solution to replace its legacy MPLS, and ensure con-nectivity and improve application performance for over 190 sites worldwide. When Element Solutions learned that Aryaka could extend similar benefits to its global remote users, they decided to deploy SmartACCESS.

Aryaka’s SmartACCESS improved application performance for Element Solutions remote and mobile users,
delivering a reduction of up to several hundred milliseconds in client-server setup times. As a result, they were able to collapse their 50 VPN concentrators down to one globally available URL, load balanced across four nodes in two geographical loca-tions. Element Solutions could maintain its remote network client of choice while consolidating network and enterprise applications, such as ERP.

From a security and compliance standpoint, collapsing and controlling 50 concentrators down to four was
not only more efficient, but it better secured the company’s data.


Reduces Remote Access Concentrations from 50 to 4

Saved $100K annually in support and maintenance costs

Improved productivity for sales, marketing and IT 20-30%

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