SD-WAN for Amazon Web Services

Simplify Multi-Cloud Connectivity and Improve Performance for Applications

Connecting your branch offices to applications hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) does not have to be difficult. What if there was an easy way to connect directly to and between all your AWS resources – without MPLS, complicated appliances, or the need for peering? With a software-defined, global private network, you can connect directly to your VPCs on AWS – with or without Direct Connect. You can give your workforce access to applications in as fast as 30 milliseconds – securely, from anywhere in the world.

No matter your method of connectivity, Aryaka’s SmartCONNECT SD-WAN as a Service can provide up to 8x faster performance from anywhere in the world.

Only Aryaka SmartCONNECT SD-WAN for AWS delivers:

Fully Managed Service

  • Single solution for global multi-cloud connectivity over software-defined Layer 2 core
  • End-to-end reliability SLAs. 99.99% uptime
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and CCIE-level support
  • Zero CapEx, pay as you go pricing

Optimized Performance

  • Up to 8x AWS performance boost from WAN Optimization anywhere in the world
  • Up to 95% bandwidth and data reduction for fast performance and superior user experience
  • Any to any connectivity for ALL IaaS, SaaS applications
  • SaaS-agnostic acceleration

Fast Deployment Globally

  • Deploys anywhere in the world in hours
  • Global network of 30 POPs puts 95% of the world’s business population within 30ms access of applications
  • On-demand site and bandwidth changes

Multi-Layered Security

  • Defense in depth protection for edge, core, and cloud
  • Contained private core network and compartmentalized traffic
  • Options for network edge, cloud security for Internet-bound traffic, virtual firewall for IaaS

SD-WAN for Amazon Web Services
Simplify Multi-Cloud Connectivity and Improve Performance for Applications

Aryaka’s POPs are located in the same IaaS data centers used by AWS. SmartCONNECT gives you the choice in how you connect to your VPCs. You can elect to utilize Direct Connect or go with IPSec VPN. Either way, this is completely handled by Aryaka.

Aryaka can help your enterprise easily connect your users in the following ways:

  • Enterprise to Cloud – Access to AWS resources through a software-defined, application-optimized global private network with a choice of Direct Connect or IP VPN options
  • Cloud to Cloud – Enterprise-wide access to multiple AWS clouds (e.g. in region with out of region)
  • Multi-Cloud – Enterprise-wide access to applications hosted simultaneously on AWS and other IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS clouds

Additionally, Aryaka provides multi-layered security, including a virtual firewall from Palo Alto Networks. Only Aryaka makes multi-cloud connectivity and fast application performance this easy.

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Get Enterprise-Grade Security & Application
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Aryaka and Zscaler have partnered to deliver a solution that combines Aryaka’s global cloud-native private connectivity, with built in WAN Optimization, SD-WAN functionality and application acceleration capabilities — with Zscaler’s advanced cloud security platform.



Together, Aryaka and Palo Alto, deliver abest-of-breed SD-WAN and security platform for enterprises accessing mission-critical internally hosted applications as well as those going directly to the Internet for accessing cloud applications

Aryaka’s ASSET


Aryaka’s global SD-WAN provides fast, reliable, secure, and scalable connectivity, and application acceleration to globally distributed enterprises.