Optimized connectivity to Microsoft Office 365 cloud via Azure ExpressRoute
    Up to 40x* faster access to Microsoft Azure from around the world
    Deployment in days, not weeks or months

Business Challenge:
Many organizations today are utilizing Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 suite for productivity, collaboration and unified communications needs.

Office 365 places unique demands on the network as it requires increased bandwidth for synchronization with Outlook, software updates, template downloads, and a whole lot more.

For many organizations, this adds up to a 500% increase in required bandwidth for Office 365. With this much traffic going back and forth – constantly – the firewall becomes a chokepoint, thereby slowing down the traffic even more. It’s a vicious circle that undermines productivity.

Aryaka Solution Benefits:
  • Direct, optimized connectivity to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud via Azure ExpressRoute
  • Over 200% faster application performance for Office 365 across global office locations
  • Up to 95% bandwidth and data reduction
  • End-to-end enterprise-grade network security
  • Deployment in days, not weeks or months, plus real-time application and network visibility

Business Challenge:
Developers, application testers and end users are relying on Azure for their Cloud Compute and Storage needs.

When developers and users are located all around the world, the Internet becomes a performance bottleneck while accessing Microsoft Azure, for application development and testing purposes.

Slow and inconsistent performance over Internet leads to reduced productivity of developers building apps on Azure and poor experience for end users testing and using apps hosted in Azure.

Aryaka Solution Benefits:
  • Application-based path selection at the edge and a direct, optimized path to the Azure DC hosting the application
  • Up to 40x faster access to Microsoft Azure from around the world, including locations such as China, India, and the Middle East
  • End-to-end WAN Path Control for site-to-site and site-to-IaaS connectivity (Azure ExpressRoute)
  • End-to-end enterprise-grade network security
  • Deployment in days, not weeks or months, plus real-time application and network visibility

Business Challenge:
Skype for Business is used by organizations for professional meetings and collaboration.

However, when voice or video traffic travels over the Internet, congestion-based packet drops inevitably lead to poor quality of voice/video calls and end user experience. This adversely affects collaboration and ultimately business execution.

Aryaka Solution Benefits:
  • Enhanced quality and performance for voice, video and real-time traffic over Aryaka’s Smart Link technology
  • Significantly lower call drops and QoS
  • 99.99% network availability
  • End-to-end enterprise-grade network security
  • Deployment in days, not weeks or months, plus real-time application and network visibility

Aryaka’s Cloud Acceleration solution is built on an optimized, private cloud overlay network that is 1-5 milliseconds from Office 365 and Azure instances around the world.


1. ExpressRoute Connectivity
For implementation of Aryaka’s solution over ExpressRoute, you simply need to connect your branch office to one of our 25 globally distributed points of presence over a business-class Internet connection. Then, Aryaka will propel your Microsoft traffic past the latency-ridden middle mile over our private and optimized network. While the private network allows your enterprise to circumvent the unreliable public Internet, Aryaka’s proprietary WAN Optimization platform enables you to maximize throughput and performance via multi-segment TCP optimization, byte-level compression, and data deduplication technologies.

2. VO Model Connectivity Over The Internet + WAN Optimization
For implementation of Aryaka’s solution over the Internet, our POPs are configured as Virtual Offices (VOs). The VOs are at close proximity and act as clients to Microsoft data centers. End users are connected into Aryaka’s network via an IPSEC-edge tunnel to the POP that is located closest to them. The private network allows your enterprise to bypass the congestion and packet loss that occurs on the unreliable public Internet. And with built-in WAN Optimization, it minimizes the latency that is experienced by global end-users, resulting in more consistent and reliable application performance, and guaranteed throughput and availability.


All Aryaka solutions include global access to the web-based MyAryaka portal. The MyAryaka customer portal offers deep, end-to-end network and application visibility for your business.

lan and wan

LAN and WAN utilization across locations and per application. The graph indicates significant throughput improvement over Aryaka's network for an Office 365 customer.


Performance measurements including latency as well as compression and deduplication. Graphs indicate highly consistent latencies and up to 23 Mbps bandwidth saving benefits over Aryaka, for an Office 365 customer.


Our employees used to frequently complain about the slowness of Office 365, which was running over the Internet. We needed a high-performance, cloud-ready wide area network that could make our lives easier. With Aryaka’s Office 365 acceleration solution, our employees experienced terrific performance improvements all over the world. I think, the ability of Aryaka’s solution to connect to cloud providers like Microsoft is phenomenal, and truly helps businesses like us to leverage the benefits of SaaS.”

Kenny Gilbert | CIO at InvenSense

Microsoft is excited to welcome Aryaka as an ExpressRoute connectivity provider for Office 365. By offering Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 over its software-defined network platform, Aryaka is providing enterprises with enhanced network performance and consistent, accelerated access to the Office 365 cloud.”

Ross Ortega | Principal Manager, Azure Networking, Microsoft

*Tests conducted over a 28 MB file downloaded from SharePoint on a 2 Mbps connection. The client/end user was based out of California, while the Microsoft server was in Singapore.