Aryaka’s Dynamic Content Delivery as-a-Service provides SaaS providers with stable, consistent, and lightning-fast application performance.

End user experience is critical for SaaS providers, to keep customers happy, reduce churn and drive user adoption. For SaaS customers, however, the implementation may be accompanied by a dip in productivity or an increase in the number of end-user complaints. And, poor application performance might be the primary reason. These issues are fairly common, if the distance between the SaaS provider and the user is more than a few hundred miles over the Internet (or even 20 milliseconds or higher in network speed). And with traditional CDNs, dynamic content acceleration has always been an afterthought.

Aryaka’s web acceleration solution for SaaS providers delivers content over a stable, low latency, private core network built for enterprise content and application delivery, completely bypassing the unreliable public internet. Unlike traditional CDNs, the middle mile is both intelligent and private, a key differentiator.