Aryaka Global SD-WAN

Improved Voice and Video

quality by using a private network with built-in SD-WAN to minimize jitter, latency, and packet loss

Improved Quality Video by Using SD-WAN

Enables Rapid Geographical Expansion

rapid geographical expansion

“Our remote locations were experiencing WAN performance issues, which resulted in dropped calls when attempting to connect to other offices around the world. With 8x8 and Aryaka, not only do we no longer drop calls, but voice quality has improved immensely. Our team is more productive as a result.”

Dustin Collins,
VP, Global Infrastructure Services, Platform Specialty Products

Technology Highlights

Global private network

Fast and reliable connectivity to the 8x8 Communications Cloud through a private network of 28 PoPs, located 30ms from any global business user.

Quality of service

Guaranteed uptime for 8x8 communications services using service prioritization, traffic shaping, and bandwidth reservation.

Advanced SD-WAN

Patented technologies that use load balancing and path selection to ensure business continuity of 8x8 services, even in the presence of poor internet links.

Fast deployment & scaling

Add new 8x8 sites in days or hours and scale bandwidth for existing 8x8 sites immediately, ensuring faster time to market.


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