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Lossy Internet Syndrome (LIS): How Internet Latency is killing your Network

No, this isn’t a medical interest piece. Far from it. However, there may be something to be said about the Internet today as it needs a reality check (up). LIS is a particularly dangerous syndrome affecting enterprises. There was a time when Internet speeds were measured in kilobits per second with 28.8 dial up modems. […]

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5 Common Myths about CDNs that Clog your Content

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have been around since the late 90’s and are already a key component of IT strategy when it comes to video streaming, social media, and retail/e-commerce. CDNs have certainly evolved from their beginnings in 1997. Traditional CDNs were built for a read-only web. They relied on centralized DNS servers combined with […]

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5 Common Myths about MPLS that Hurt Your Business

I often wonder why businesses stick with outdated technologies, such as MPLS, when superior alternatives are available at a much lower cost. I ask my sales team what they hear in the trenches, and the excuses they’re given are legion – and most sound like rationalizations. This isn’t meant to knock people making those decisions, […]

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Aryaka’s 2014 State of the Enterprise WAN Report: 5 Key Findings [Infographic]

Worldwide, the demand for business-class Internet connectivity is sky high. In 2013, traffic growth rose by 282% worldwide, with Asia leading the surge, with a 321% growth rate. Asia, however, was also the region with the least reliable last-mile connections (more on that in a minute). The 2014 State of the WAN report is based […]

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