How CIOs Solve Office 365 Performance Woes with a Global SD-WAN Service

City & Guilds Group’s CIO Alan Crawford had a global problem on his hands. Employees in a newly acquired company in New Zealand were having difficulty using the organization’s Microsoft Office 365 service that employees used to collaborate. Collaboration is central to the $195 million firm, which offers training and skills development to education providers, governments, […]

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Five Key Considerations When Using SD-WAN to Accelerate Office 365

Enterprises migrating to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based offerings are learning the hard way that application performance varies wildly when end users are dispersed around the globe. Microsoft reports that more than 50% of its commercial Office customers are now in the cloud, and the company expects that number to jump to two-thirds this year. But global […]

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SD-WAN Best Practices for Manufacturing and Digital Transformation
How IT Can Help Global Enterprises Increase Productivity up to 20x

In a recent study conducted by Aryaka, the average data response time for a 200MB file ranges from 68 to 135 minutes over Internet based network infrastructures, depending on the distance. If you calculated the amount of customers most global manufacturing firms handle on a daily basis, waiting for files to travel at that rate […]

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5 Ways to Manage Network Complexity with a Network and Application Visibility Portal

Compared to what typical enterprise network architectures looked like a decade or so ago, current global WAN deployments are like a complicated maze and continue to increase in complexity. What used to be a simple hub and spoke local network has now turned into: A complex mesh of globally distributed branch offices Numerous data centers […]

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3 Reasons to Blame Your Network for Slow Office 365

I stumbled across an article the other day that perfectly captures the frustration employees around the globe experience with digital transformation, especially as productivity applications move to the cloud: “Why your Office 365 apps may be running ‘so darn slow’.” Poor Office 365 performance is all too common these days. Since these applications moved into […]

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Why Pay Telcos More for Lower Levels of Support?

What is the true value of excellent customer support? A select group of highly successful companies across the globe certainly know the answer. Industry leaders such as Apple, FedEx, and Zappos.com have fueled their growth due in large part to focusing on support excellence. They understand the critical link between customer satisfaction and business results. […]

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SD-WAN as a Service with Global Private Network:
An Express Lane for Your Mission-Critical Traffic

Los Angeles has the 4th longest commute times in the country and citizens there spend an average of 81 hours per year in traffic. There are ways to sidestep the gridlock, as we’ll discuss, but both the problem and the solutions make for a good analogy if you’re using (or considering using) the public Internet […]

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How SD-WAN as a Service Overcomes MPLS Limitations

Although MPLS has served the enterprise well for years, it can no longer adequately meet the demands of global enterprises. Over 50% of enterprise WAN traffic now involves cloud. MPLS was designed before the cloud era, for point-to-point connections. But there are also other limitations: No single provider can deliver MPLS end-to-end around the world. […]

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What’s on Your Digital Transformation Wishlist?

It’s that time of the year again. As we are greeted by the season of giving, it’s time to start thinking about the needs for your global enterprise this holiday season to set them up for success in 2019. For many IT professionals, this means taking a critical look at what network infrastructure and technology […]

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How Manufacturers Can Get Ahead with SD-WAN and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation initiatives are reshaping manufacturing, and here at Makino a global leader in metal cutting and manufacturing technology, we’re looking forward to advances that allow real time data analysis to better predict machine downtime, track performance, and anticipate maintenance needs. We build manufacturing tools for almost every vertical, and also offer a suite of […]

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What Powers the Core of Your Enterprise WAN?

Digital transformation. Cloud migration. Branch simplification. This perfect storm is straining legacy networks and sending enterprises scurrying for new WAN answers. The good news is there are many solutions emerging that promise to help. The bad news: There are so many tools coming out from a variety of players in different corners of the industry, […]

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How to Protect Your Global Enterprise Network and Applications in 2019

In today’s cloud-centric world, global enterprises are considering SD-WAN solutions that offer reliable connectivity, fast application performance, and best-in-class security, without adding network complexity and extra costs. Securing IT resources for any business is hard enough, but it’s even more challenging when it comes to protecting a network with connections that reach around the world, […]

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