What Powers the Core of Your Enterprise WAN?

Digital transformation. Cloud migration. Branch simplification. This perfect storm is straining legacy networks and sending enterprises scurrying for new WAN answers. The good news is there are many solutions emerging that promise to help. The bad news: There are so many tools coming out from a variety of players in different corners of the industry, […]

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How to Protect Your Global Enterprise Network and Applications in 2019

In today’s cloud-centric world, global enterprises are considering SD-WAN solutions that offer reliable connectivity, fast application performance, and best-in-class security, without adding network complexity and extra costs. Securing IT resources for any business is hard enough, but it’s even more challenging when it comes to protecting a network with connections that reach around the world, […]

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Gartner Symposium: Learn How to Simplify Your Network for Digital Transformation

Global enterprises around the world are currently undergoing a digital transformation where mission-critical resources are migrating to the cloud. SD-WANs are reshaping the way enterprises deliver these resources. However, leveraging MPLS or the public Internet for connectivity with SD-WAN adds complexity without delivering the full potential of migrating to the cloud. Aryaka is excited to […]

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SD-WAN as a Service Named 2018 Product of the Year
TMC Recognizes Aryaka for Accelerating Digital Transformation within Global Enterprises

Aryaka is proud to announce that TMC, the world’s leading business-to-business and integrated media company, has awarded SmartCONNECT, our SD-WAN as a Service, the 2018 SD-WAN Product of the Year Award. Aryaka SmartCONNECT is a fully managed, SD-WAN as a Service that provides organizations with secure enterprise-grade connectivity that can be deployed within hours – anywhere […]

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SD-WAN Deployments: What Global Enterprises Must Consider

SD-WAN has been touted as the leading technology to help drive global enterprises through their digital transformation initiatives. And nearly every network vendor on the market today has their own flavor of SD-WAN vying to improve application performance, reduce cost and complexity, and deliver enterprise-grade security. The potential is there for businesses of any size […]

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SD-WAN: Key considerations for Enterprise Digital Transformation

With nearly every business-critical application and resource migrating to the cloud, legacy wide area networks are straining to support rapidly evolving corporate requirements. IT has been trying to accommodate using a mix of disparate point solutions that add complexity to the WAN and don’t scale very well. The result lead to a series of integration […]

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What’s Driving SD-WAN Migration for Global Enterprises

Legacy WANs are unfit for the digital era. The public Internet continues to be plagued by congestion and reliability problems caused by exponential traffic growth, bandwidth-intensive applications, and expanding network complexities. MPLS was designed before the cloud and brings along with it high costs, inflexibility, and long deployment times. These deficiencies have given rise to […]

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Consume or Construct Your SD-WAN?
Why a Managed SD-WAN is Better than a DIY Approach

If your company is beginning to embark on a digital transformation journey, ultimately, you’ll have to confront the question of how to modernize the Wide Area Network (WAN) and ensure it is up to the task of supporting the transformation effort. Today, most organizations are concluding that Software Defined-WAN (SD-WAN) is the best way to […]

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SD-WAN Best Practices for Mergers and Acquisitions:
How One Global Chemical Company Deployed 190 Sites in 4 Months

Mergers and acquisitions often leave global enterprises with managing a complex network built with a myriad of solutions and providers. Learn how Platform Specialty Products deployed a single global private network to 190 sites in four months, while also saving $2-3 million in costs compared to legacy solutions. Platform Specialty Products (PSP), a chemical production company, […]

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Four Questions to Ask Before Deciding on an SD-WAN Provider

SD-WAN is the biggest trend in enterprise networking today. Companies of all sizes are looking at this next generation technology as the best alternative to legacy networks to connect far-flung offices to resources hosted in the data center and the cloud. Many analysts and research firms expect the market to reach into the billions over the […]

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5 Best Practices for SD-WAN Security

Securing IT resources within four walls is hard enough, but it’s a challenge of a different order when it comes to securing a WAN with links reaching around the world, provided by a range of service providers and supporting a mix of endpoint security appliances. The security picture gets even murkier when you bring in […]

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Can I Get an SD-WAN for My Enterprise? One with An Application Delivery Network?

Many enterprises want the benefits of SD-WAN– application awareness and performance, cloud connectivity, an economical way to add bandwidth, end-to-end visibility, and then some. But few want the headache of piecing it all together: multiple providers, MPLS, cloud exchanges, VNFs, appliances, figuring out WAN optimization. And by the way, because your application traffic goes over […]

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