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5 Common Myths about MPLS that Hurt Your Business

I often wonder why businesses stick with outdated technologies, such as MPLS, when superior alternatives are available at a much lower cost. I ask my sales team what they hear in the trenches, and the excuses they’re given are legion – and most sound like rationalizations. This isn’t meant to knock people making those decisions, […]

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Why deploying Office 365 and other cloud services globally could spark an end-user revolt

IT is embracing the cloud like never before. Why? Because the value is easy to quantify, and the ROI is compelling. As more businesses shift to the cloud, major cloud providers are tripping over each other to try to woo customers through lower prices, more features, and even easier-to-use UIs. Companies that delivered all of […]

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Why CIOs are leaving WAN acceleration appliance vendors behind

WAN acceleration works, but hardware holds the space back By Larry Chaffin, Chairman and CEO, Pluto Cloud Services Don’t get me wrong, WAN acceleration is great for companies and anyone who is not using it is being left behind by competitors. Why do you think telco carriers are now offering MPLS and WAN acceleration as a […]

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Pluto Cloud Services CEO speaks out against MPLS and traditional WAN opt

The status quo is failing companies worldwide, and Pluto Cloud Services is ready to help them change By Larry Chaffin, Chairman and CEO, Pluto Cloud Services My company had always been selling telco carrier MPLS and WAN acceleration appliances to our customers. It was a good fit, did its job and was accepted by companies as […]

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As interest in leveraging public cloud computing services and SaaS such as Microsoft Office 365 increases, WAN managers need to be able to support these initiatives, while still maintaining the network security, visibility and control they and their management have come to expect. The trend to consolidate applications and servers to a small number of […]

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The Aryaka Customer Call

A typical customer reaction to an engagement with Aryaka. True Story! When can I have it done? With an MPLS line, it can take you anywhere from a month to six months to have a line provisioned. Aryaka can do it for you in minutes – the way you want it provisioned, integrated with your […]

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Patent Recognition

Judging from recent headlines, the WAN Optimization market is in a state of upheaval. With Riverbed fending off activist investor Elliott Management and Riverbed and Silver Peak embroiled in a patent dispute, it seems like the WAN Optimization market is in a state of crisis. It is, but not in the way you think. The […]

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Aryaka’s 2014 State of the Enterprise WAN Report: 5 Key Findings [Infographic]

Worldwide, the demand for business-class Internet connectivity is sky high. In 2013, traffic growth rose by 282% worldwide, with Asia leading the surge, with a 321% growth rate. Asia, however, was also the region with the least reliable last-mile connections (more on that in a minute). The 2014 State of the WAN report is based […]

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It’s Groundhog Day, Again, for WAN Optimization…It Doesn’t Have to be That Way

Sunday was Groundhog Day. Last week was Riverbed’s quarterly and yearly earnings report. Pretty much the same thing, we think. Rumors of Steelhead’s death are premature, crowed Jerry Kennelly, co-founder and CEO of Riverbed, during the company’s earnings call. “It’s a good product, a good business.” Sure it is – for Riverbed. Convincing businesses to […]

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