Aryaka has built a global private backbone based on points of presence (PoPs) on 6 continents, which are connected using multiple private Layer 2 links to deliver reliable, enterprise-grade, full-mesh connectivity. We aggregate capacity from Tier 1/Tier 2 service providers around the world, after analyzing metrics like latency, packet loss and jitter.

The private network bypasses the congestion and packet loss on the Internet to provide a highly consistent network experience. Our PoPs are within 30 milliseconds from business users globally.

Further, Aryaka’s unique multi-segment approach enables the full use of expensive bandwidth, while optimizing the transmission of all applications running across long-distance networks and mitigating the effect of latency and packet loss. With optimization baked into Aryaka’s Software Defined Network Platform, the global private backbone minimizes the latency “experienced” by global end users.