Ali Shafaie: Augmedix is a scribe service through the Google Glass, connecting me with a remote scribe who is listening and in some cases seeing the patient encounter, and based on what they see and hear, and also communication from me, constructing the office visit note.

Venkat Kankipati: And the way it works is – doctors wear Google Glass with our application built on it when they consult with patients. The real time capture of that consultation is then transmitted over the Aryaka WAN optimized backbone to remote scribes across the world. In order for this to happen, we need a fast and reliable WAN backbone and the Aryaka global SD-WAN essentially offers us that.

Albert S Chan: The best technology solutions are ones that just fade away at the background.

Ali Shafaie: It’s really having the right technology and Aryaka connecting us to the scribes in India has really helped because it’s been very quick response time from the scribes and it’s been very reliable.

Venkat Kankipati: Application performance has significantly improved, because our application requires the transmission of real time audio, video, and data. And Aryaka addresses all those core issues for us.

Albert S Chan: I didn’t know how good it could be until the Aryaka solution was implemented. And once the Aryaka solution was implemented, I noticed that it was smooth and seamless. I got to thank these guys because it was a tremendous tremendous benefit for us.