Andrew Pryfogle: Ok Guys! Sitting here with David Nuti. Dave, you are the Head of Sales for the Americas for Aryaka. You guys have a really interesting story around kind of next generation, intelligent networking. But, you know our partner community, we have sold a ton of networks, right? We have tens of millions of dollars; hundreds of millions of dollars, billing right now in networks that we support around the globe. But, the network has evolved. The demands of network have changed. Customers have changed. The challenges are new. Walk us through the story of kind of where the network is today, and more importantly, where it is going. Give us that story, man.

David Nuti: I know in many cases we are not fans of PowerPoint, but a few visuals go a long way in telling this story. So, the easiest place is to quickly start off with where we began, and that is with data center, headquarters connecting to branch offices, and traditionally using some type of WAN connectivity between them. Generally, we are talking about MPLS and private link connections.

But things have changed. It’s not that they are changing. They already have evolved. You bring on cloud, SaaS, Web applications, you reduce the work load on the data center. You at the same time, introduce a wide range of additional destination points for this content to customers, partners and end users that come into the mix. And now you run into pure disconnect, in the way the WAN was designed to operate, when you are talking about MPLS and some of the incumbent infrastructure that’s available.

So, observing this migration, the inspiration behind Aryaka is, branch offices connected by MPLS, IP-VPN, you perhaps bookend it with appliances to deal with distance in the form of your WAN optimization, along comes SaaS.

Andrew Pryfogle: Just to cut you off for a second, it’s interesting about SaaS, isn’t it? Because we have been using SaaS as consumers and business customers for quite a while. I mean is an example. QuickBooks online is a great example of businesses that are now moving to their online version, instead of their server-based version. This is a massive trend. This is the future of how you are going to consume software. The idea of server-based software is going away, and is being replaced by SaaS. We talk about SaaS-ification of software, right? So, that’s a reality, and that’s a brand new pressure on networks.

David Nuti: Yes, you see in HR, ERP, Finance, Workday, Net Suite, Zenifits, everything is moving to the managed platform, It’s really been thought of as archaic to build and manage on premise applications, when you can use that as a managed service from an outside provider that provides access from anywhere over the Internet type of accessibility that comes along with SaaS. Not only that, but every customer that we work with, that your partners work with, and you go to their website, and they have a login and a password on the front page of their website. They are hosting their own SaaS application. That’s for their partners, for their suppliers, and for their remote users, public users and the coffee shops. And that traditionally requires CDN solution as well.

Andrew Pryfogle: Content Delivery Networks?

David Nuti: Exactly correct!

Providers, there are dozens of them out there that provide that. But now you have a mishmash of suppliers piecemealing separate bullets together.

So, if we take nothing more than this away from it, Aryaka built the platform that addresses all of it. It’s a single, global, purpose built platform, so that regardless of the edge connectivity point, whether it’s a branch and headquarters, whether it is Office 365, Azure,, Zenifits, Workday, Net Suite, or you are hosting your own application, that you are providing an environment that they would come in and use, an online catalog, or an interface with your own suppliers. It’s a platform that is purpose built for those of a one connection to any. The intelligence within the network is really what makes this happen. We built it globally so that it is accessible 10 to 20 millisecond away from 90% plus of the global traffic of the world. But then embedded within the network is that entire optimization, acceleration software stack that previously was separate vendors, now delivered as a managed service. Managed from the points of presence right at our customer doorstep, and easy to deliver at a local LAN speed away.

Andrew Pryfogle: Wow! That’s impressive! So, that’s the Aryaka story; that’s very different from the way the networks have been deployed, are still being deployed.

David Nuti: Right! Its building it yourself.  Our CTO likes to put it that the network of today needs to be available on demand. Needs to be click of a button away. It shouldn’t have to be built individually by the enterprise. I liken that to building a power plant out back for your electricity, and digging a well for your own water. Rather than using the suppliers that are ready to bring that right to your door step. We are the equivalent for the network. To move that away from a separate internal service provider. Instead, focus on the core business, and let us handle the complexity of the WAN.

Andrew Pryfogle: I love the simplicity and the clarity of the story and a simple story is powerful my friend. So, there you go! Guys, you are going to get this on video. Watching this on video right now? Rewind this, watch it again, and again, and again. Get that story down. Because if you can tell that story to your clients, you are going to uncover and close some monster deals.

David Nuti: You will elevate yourself at the table. The type of conversation that you are able to have, it’s a big difference. It’s a lot more fun to sit in that chair as well.

Andrew Pryfogle: Absolutely! Very cool, hey great stuff Dave. Thanks man always! Good Selling guys!