“Before Aryaka, we were having major performance and stability problems, where engineers in India were trying to transfer files to the US office and this would sometimes take a day.”

“The biggest problem was around employee productivity. It’s really that unreliable environment that was causing us not to work at the speed of business that we actually wanted to. We looked at a number of enterprise solutions, and Aryaka was the clear winner for us. As soon as I saw the results, I could just see all of our pain points were addressed in a very simplistic, easy to use manner, and it didn’t require huge CapEx/upfront investment.”

“I don’t have to manage any hardware or appliances. It is a true software-defined solution. Aryaka’s ultra-optimized network provided ScaleArc with up to 300% increase in network speeds. Overall transaction rates are up by 300%, and performance is better. But the number one benefit is – I get to conduct business at the pace that I want to.”