Integrating Remote Access and SD-WAN Managed Solutions

Working remotely, including work at home, is now the new normal. Tens of millions of employees are likely to continue to work at home permanently – at least part of the time. There should be no difference in remote employee productivity – as compared to working in the office. Employees working remotely require an excellent quality of user experience for critical applications independent of their location, network, or device. The reality of working at home is that employees have experienced several problems, including low application performance and inability to access all critical applications and data. Designing and delivering a remote work strategy is now a top priority requirement for most IT departments.

This Whitepaper explores how enterprise WAN architects can leverage remote access solutions and explains Aryaka’s as-a-service solution.

  • Managed remote access solutions are designed to deliver seamless connectivity and high performance to cloud-based applications.
  • Aryaka’s SmartSecure Private Access is a managed VPN solution that combines superior performance with ease-of-management and flexibility, and full visibility into the end-user user experience. It integrates remote access with Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN solution based on Aryaka’s global private network of layer 2 access points.

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