The Total Economic ImpactTM of Aryaka

Study reveals 113% ROI and payback in <6 months with Aryaka’s SD-WAN and SASE platform.

With most applications moving to the cloud and the evolution of the hybrid workplace, the network has become more complex, pushing organizations toward managed WAN and network security services for cost savings and business benefits.

Forrester Consulting conducted an independent cost-benefit analysis of Aryaka's Managed WAN Services and found the solution provided 113% ROI and payback in <6 months for a composite organization of four current customers. Additional benefits the study found include:

  • 45% reduction in effort by NetOps staff
  • Increase in user productivity and satisfaction due to lower latency
  • Security benefits of built-in threat protection
  • Measurable impact on scaling acceleration for the business with less effort
  • $4.67M in net benefits over three years, yielding a NPV of $2.48M

Download the study for the complete findings and see what organizations can accomplish with Aryaka’s SD-WAN and SASE services.

“Aryaka gives us an all-encompassing solution with their own network, POPs, managed services, SASE, etc. The other vendors had excellent technology, but they were just selling boxes”

- Technical architect, transportation

“A few years ago, we had to send people home during a 6-hour outage. Imagine how many people there are in a distribution center”

- Senior manager, retail

“They [Aryaka] monitor and remediate any internet circuit that goes down on our network. Their devices do the notification, and their team corrects the issue without us having to do anything”

- Director of procurement, engineering consulting

“Without Aryaka, we’d need 30-40% more time for configurations”

- Network solutions lead, manufacturing