Get Beyond SASE in 5 is a series of short educational videos on networking and security.

Get SASE in 5 min

The "SASE in 5 Minutes" series features brief videos presented by Ryan Livesay, Senior Vice President of Solutions Engineering at Aryaka. In these videos, Ryan tries to break down everything involved in the SASE Journey in 5-minute portions.

Aryaka Unified SASE

Here we look at the business reasons on why this tech trend is here to stay, and what’s driving organizations to adopt SASE. Is remote work and cloud adoption playing a key role in the momentum to implement SASE now?

Aryaka Unified SASE

Learn about common pitfalls when implementing SASE:
1. Overemphasis on security at the expense of networking
2. Insufficient coupling of Network and Security
3. Challenged Network and Security workflows
4. Neglecting middle-mile and multi-cloud compute edges

Aryaka Unified SASE

Learn about the the difference between best-of-breed products, yet stitched-together Hybrid SASE and seamlessly integrated, single-pass architecture- based Unified SASE. Find out the pros and cons of each approach.

Aryaka Unified SASE

Learn why a solid foundation, the network, is crucial for SASE deployment and implementation success when embarking on a secure network access transformation journey.

2024 Secure Network Transformation Report

In this report Aryaka uncovers the latest insights from your peers—CIOs, CISOs, and IT leaders—on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the IT infrastructure. For the eighth consecutive year, this survey brings to light the trends and challenges shaping the future of secure network transformations.