Acceleration of AI and
GenAI applications

Is your network able to handle bandwidth-intensive AI workloads reliably and effectively?

Why not rely on the Internet?

Why not rely on the Internet?

Connecting to AI workloads and GenAI applications over the Internet results in unpredictable performance and poor user experience. Large language models (LLMs) require massive amounts of data transfer and, consequently, massive amounts of bandwidth. The burden falls on the network to transfer this data, and when the network capacity falls short or is unreliable, it can harm the core function of the business.

The Aryaka Difference

Aryaka is the only solution providing AI and GenAI Acceleration that integrates public and private LLMs and multi-cloud GPU farms with a global deterministic private core network. It enables enterprises to easily adopt their AI initiatives and cost-effectively improve AI performance worldwide.

Why Customers Love Aryaka

End-to-End Performance

Colocation of Aryaka and AI providers significantly reduces latency and packet loss

Global LAN Experience

Application-level visibility into performance

MPLS Replacement CAPEX model

Ability to turn-up/off AI instances in minutes

TCO Reduction

Compression and data deduplication optimizes bandwidth usage

Aryaka's Solution

The Aryaka AI>Perform solution enables enterprises to easily improve the performance of AI workloads and Gen AI applications for any user from anywhere in the world without hardware deployment or additional management overhead.

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