MPLS to SD-WAN Migration

Is it Time to Replace Your MPLS?

MPLS Challenges

MPLS Challenges

The use of cloud services starkly highlights MPLS's limitations. Designed for yesterday’s enterprise, MPLS often falls short in providing the flexibility, security, scalability, ease of use, and cost-efficiency essential for a modern network. The dynamic nature of the cloud demands a much more flexible network infrastructure. Reevaluating MPLS with this in mind shows it's just too complex and difficult to manage.

The Aryaka Difference

Over the past decade, Aryaka has distinguished itself as the only provider to seamlessly merge the flexibility, control, and security of SD-WAN and SASE with a high-performing global private network, surpassing MPLS performance at a reduced cost. All offered as a fully or co-managed service. With Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN and SASE, you can augment your MPLS capabilities – or migrate at your own pace and with guaranteed success!

Why Customers Love Aryaka’s SD-WAN & SASE Over MPLS

Improved User Experience

Better user experience, higher productivity

Simplified Architecture

Architectural simplicity - Reduced number of vendors & providers to manage

Fast Change Management

Easier, faster change management from days/weeks to hours/days

Reduced Support Issues

Fewer support/escalation issues

Aryaka’s Solution

Aryaka’s SD-WAN and SASE managed service leverages a flexible core architecture, FlexCoreTM, optimized for per-site and per-application performance requirements. It offers full per-customer resource reservation, end-to-end, at a global level. Our HybridWAN solution also leverages direct MPLS and public internet connectivity options.

Further, we manage the last-mile internet link performance with patented technology to eliminate packet loss and deliver superior latency and jitter performance. By leveraging a global private network, we eliminate the burdensome issue of working with multiple service providers respective administration domains to guarantee deterministic QoS, which is typical for global deployments.

Get a free network consultation to find out how Aryaka can deliver a globally better-than-MPLS performance at reduced cost, either augmenting your existing MPLS infrastructure or replacing it altogether over time.