Does a tricky MPLS migrations stand in the way of your digital journey?

With Aryaka’s managed SD-WAN and SASE, you can augment your MPLS capabilities – or migrate at your own pace and with guaranteed success!

Customer Challenges

MPLS still represents a foundational technology in most global enterprise WANs.
Aryaka provides built-in MPLS support to support co-existence and migration.

Domain Limitations

MPLS can deliver high availability and deterministic quality of service within a service provider’s domain, hence network managers have been relying on MPLS for 20 years. But emerging enterprise needs are exposing MPLS limitations.

Costly and Slow

MPLS can be costly, slow to deploy, and its traditional hub-and-spoke architecture from the branch to HQ and/or the DC does not support the overwhelming need to optimally deliver on the requirements of SaaS, IaaS, UCaaS and PaaS applications in the enterprise.

Poor Performance

Do-it-yourself SD-WAN solutions allow traffic to be routed directly to the internet at the branch, however they often still rely on costly MPLS links to support traffic that is perceived as business critical. They perpetuate MPLS dependency as well as relying on the best-effort internet for cloud connectivity, impacting performance.


Aryaka’s fully managed SD-WAN and SASE solution leverages a flexible core architecture, FlexCoreTM, optimized for per-site and per-application performance requirements. It offers full per customer resource reservation, end-to-end, at a global level. The HybridWAN solution also leverages direct MPLS and public internet connectivity options.

Aryaka manages the last-mile internet link performance with patented technology to eliminate packet loss and deliver on superior latency and jitter performance. By leveraging a private global L2 network, Aryaka eliminates the issue of guaranteeing deterministic QoS when multiple service provider administrative domains are involved (which is almost always the case in a global network).

Aryaka customers rely on its architecture to deliver on better-than-MPLS performance at a global level and at reduced cost, either augmenting the existing MPLS infrastructure or replacing it altogether over time.

Aryaka FlexCore Architecture Replaces MPLS


rollout speed

Rollout Speed

Don’t let MPLS’ traditionally sluggish provisioning times slow you down. With the Aryaka Cloud-First WAN solution, you can deliver branch connectivity anywhere within 48 hours, with “Day 1” SLAs.

total cost of ownership


Optimize the cost structure of global connectivity by leveraging Aryaka’s FlexCoreTM, the internet and MPLS connectivity wherever they best serve application needs.

successful MPLS migration

Successful MPLS Migration

Don’t just put your trust into internet-only performance as you consider a migration strategy. Instead, compare MPLS side-by-side with the internet and Aryaka’s Global Layer 2 Core, so you can decide when the time is right to let MPLS contracts expire. And Aryaka’s FlexCoreTM architecture delivers additional flexibility across the middle mile.



Simplify deployment and operation with a fully managed model based on business intent, thereby abstracting the complexity of global connectivity, security, optimization, and multi-cloud models.


Superior Performance & Connectivity

Deterministic traffic behavior that delivers performance equal or superior to MPLS, with hardened last-mile internet connectivity leveraging the best local ISPs and patented technologies to eliminate packet loss while minimizing latency and jitter.

operational excellence

Operational Excellence

Experience a global network infrastructure optimally suited to the needs of the digital business, delivering on agility and reduced operational costs. Adopt the same cloud-first operations model in networking that has revolutionized application delivery.


  • " Traditional carrier-led approaches to managed services are just not meeting the needs of today’s cloud-first enterprises,” said Robert Bowling, founder and CEO of TDM. “They’re not delivering the innovation or flexibility that IT requires, as well as a sub-par support experience. Aryaka’s new offers create additional relevancy for us. This is coupled with simplicity of deployment that will make the services very easy to consume for our customers, permitting us as an Aryaka partner to generate additional go-to-market momentum that results in growth and joint success."

    - Robert Bowling, Founder and CEO, TDM, Aryaka Partner
Pilot Case Study

How to mitigate MPLS migration risk

While enterprise MPLS use continues to decline, a surprising number of IT teams are hanging-on to the legacy technology.

Aryaka HybridWAN Solution Brief

Aryaka HybridWAN Solution Brief

Strike the perfect balance between deterministic application performance over the Aryaka core, cost-efficient internet connectivity and MPLS.


Eliminated expensive and complex MPLS contracts.

Pilot Case Study

Pilot Freight Services

Accelerated digital transformation and Cut its deployment timeline in half.