How Aryaka Makes an Impact on the Remote and Mobile Workforce

Recently, 451 Research, took a look at Aryaka’s SmartACCESS, the first clientless SD-WAN for the remote and mobile workforce, and offered its take on the solution.

Problems Accessing Applications Using VPN Over the Internet

Optimizing Application Performance over VPN

Remote access has, historically, been a nightmare for enterprise end users and IT teams, especially in global deployments. Support tickets over connection complaints are a regular occurrence, as remote users attempt to access their mission- and business-critical applications and information, and shadow IT grows as mobile users attempt to circumvent connectivity issues to maintain productivity.

While the SD-WAN market “remains hot,” per 451, solutions at the edge are only a small part of a working application acceleration solution sought by tier one service providers and enterprises alike. The public Internet remains a poor substitute for an enterprise-grade private network, as it is prone to latency, packet loss, and jitter – especially in global deployments, where information must travel across continents and oceans.

MPLS providers attempt to cobble together a working solution by combining disparate pieces – SD-WAN from one vendor, WAN Optimization from another – but so far have not implemented a working solution that noticeably improves application performance for end users, while taking the strain off of IT teams.

Enter SmartACCESS

With a crowded playing field, where potential competitors are still scrambling to find solutions that address remote access and VPN application performance, the IT networking space has yet to find a solution that fully solves enterprise pain points. According to 451, Aryaka’s solution addresses the issues that “enterprises and telcos alike face in trying to stitch together a global high-performance, low-cost cloud network,” while remaining “well differentiated from other SD-WAN vendors.”

Aryaka’s Solution for Remote and Mobile Workforce

Aryaka’s SmartACCESS is clientless, meaning that there is no additional software needed. This allows IT to maintain their existing security policies. It utilizes SD-WAN and WAN-Optimization, as well as dynamic CDN, to improve application performance – but it does so over a purpose-built, enterprise-grade global private network, with POPs located within 30ms of 95% of the world’s business users. This way, end users access their information via the cloud while retaining the performance of a private network.

451’s report dives into the current market landscape and discusses how Aryaka can save enterprises money while improving their remote access performance. Read the full report here.

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Mouli Radhakrishnan
Mouli is Vice President of Product Management at Aryaka Networks, and leads the technology process for strategic customer opportunities and business development partnerships.