Bringing Our Unified SASE as a Service Vision to Life

Today marks a pivotal moment for Aryaka as we proudly announce Aryaka Unified SASE as a Service, built on our groundbreaking OnePASS architecture and Zero Trust WAN backbone. This announcement is not just about a new product; it’s about bringing our vision to life—a vision where network and security services are seamlessly integrated, delivered as user-friendly services, and deployed effortlessly.

The Heart of Aryaka’s Unified SASE as a Service

At the heart of today’s launch is the Aryaka OnePASS™ architecture, standing at the intersection of technology feasibility and operational process integration. This architecture is our answer to a long-standing challenge in delivering a secure access service edge (SASE) with performance, security, agility, and simplicity. The OnePASS architecture ensures that every flow is ‘run to completion’ for all SASE functions – network services, NGFW, IDPS , SWG, anti malware and others in the future. This all through single SSL decryption and complete policy enforcement at the branch internet breakout is achieved through a distributed data plane, unified control plane, and a singular management plane.

Furthermore, operational process integration and implementation is dramatically simplified with Aryaka’s Unified SASE as a Service. Whether preferring self-configuration via the MyAryaka portal, opting for fully managed services delivery or a hybrid model of the two, businesses can easily integrate this solution into their existing operational frameworks while ensuring that all traffic undergoes comprehensive security processing without trading off performance or user experience.

Why Now?

For more than a decade, Aryaka has been delivering a high-performance, low-latency global private backbone that empowers our customers with high performance access across their global organizations. At the same time, we have seen the cybersecurity landscape evolve dramatically, with increased sophistication and prevalence of security threats across every industry sector. Other solutions are stitched together, complex, expensive and force trade-offs that no one wants to make. Aryaka Unified SASE as a Service, built atop our global private backbone, adopts a ‘Zero Trust’ approach, allowing only authenticated user or site traffic, thereby offering not just high-speed connectivity but also a highly secure connection with backbone deployments in over 100 countries.

Two years ago, we made a strategic decision to rearchitect this backbone, integrating 14 tested and proven security engines to perform a comprehensive set of Security functions, all within the network processing path. And today marks the delivery of that investment in a generally available offering.

Your Journey, Your Way

Even more exciting than the technology is the impact it is already having for our customers. No longer do they need to make untenable and expensive trade-offs between security, performance and agility. Aryaka Unified SASE as a Service lets them have their networking cake and their security pie too!

In addition, as we have always done, we will continue to meet customers wherever they are on their transformative secure network access journeys. Customers have varying skills, legacy products, and operational approaches. Our flexible delivery options and ability to integrate 3rd party security products lets us tailor the journey to each customer’s needs. This is highlighted by the adoption of our solutions by several large customers, including Cathay Pacific, Starkey, Albemarle, and World Fuel Services, who have embarked on their Unified SASE journeys with us. Their participation as design partners and members of our customer advisory board has been invaluable in building and delivering this solution and our flexible deployment and implementation approaches. Aryaka is committed to helping you go on your journey in your way!

The Exciting Road Ahead

The integration of network and security services through Unified SASE as a Service has naturally led to significantly improved observability. By analyzing several petabytes of traffic and user patterns on our global backbone, we are uniquely positioned to further enhance both the user and product experience by leveraging advanced analytics, visualization and Artificial Intelligence.

But this launch is more than just a new product; it’s a foundational shift in our commitment to offer a truly converged networking, security, and observability solution set to our customers. Aryaka’s Unified SASE as a Service is a milestone in our journey, embodying our dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and a secure, seamless customer journey. With this launch, we are not just bringing a vision to life; we are setting a new standard for what businesses can expect from secure network access solutions. As we like to say, with Aryaka, you can get it all, Performance, Agility, Simplicity and Security! And that’s just the beginning…

About the author

Renuka Nadkarni
Renuka Nadkarni is a security veteran with 20 years of experience building new businesses startups or new businesses at large, publicly traded companies. Before joining Aryaka, she held CTO, Security position at F5 Inc. where she was instrumental in driving F5’s foray into the security market. Previously, she has held various positions and built cutting-edge cloud and security products and launching new businesses at F5, VMware, Infoblox and launching startups. She holds an MS in Electric Engineering from the University of Houston and a BS in Electric Engineering from the University of Mumbai.