Aryaka adds SD-WAN ULTRA to its Software Defined Network Platform to improve application performance, reduce capital investments and simplify network operations at branch offices

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. January 27, 2016Aryaka®,the Software Defined Network Platform provider, announced today the launch of its SD-WAN ULTRA service at the NFV&SDN Expo in Fort Lauderdale. Aryaka has built the first fully integrated SD-WAN solution that combines a global private network, WAN Optimization and cloud/SaaS acceleration to deliver enhanced application performance, reduce capital expenditures and simplify network operations at branch offices.

With these components, Aryaka’s SD-WAN ULTRA addresses the Achilles’ heel of SD-WAN solutions – inconsistent latencies and jitter, associated with their dependence on the public Internet for transport of mission-critical voice, video, data and application traffic that is vital to business execution. The public Internet is a shared medium of communication, and due to congestion and packet loss, lacks the performance required for transferring business-critical voice, video and data, and accessing cloud services or SaaS applications globally.

Aryaka’s SD-WAN ULTRA combines its proprietary Smart Edge and Smart Link technologies with a global private network to provide dramatic performance improvements for voice, video and real-time traffic. With added WAN Optimization functionality, data and application traffic also sees massive throughput and performance improvements. Further, due to the seamless integration and acceleration of cloud services and SaaS applications, Aryaka has launched the first and only SD-WAN solution that addresses application performance issues without enterprises having to invest in legacy MPLS circuits.

“With the rapid proliferation of cloud services and SaaS applications, existing SD-WAN solutions fall short of meeting application performance expectations due to their reliance on the Internet,” said Ashwath Nagaraj, Founder and CTO of Aryaka Networks. “Building our SD-WAN technology on top of a global private network and adding WAN Optimization allows us to not only address these performance bottlenecks but also reduce network complexity at branch offices while keeping capital investments low.”

“Businesses around the world are responding to the “digital enterprise” imperative by exploiting the cloud as an agile platform for applications. As with yesterday’s LAN connected applications, performance is a key consideration and as more employees use additional applications, application performance directly becomes a business performance issue,” said Peter Christy, Research Director at 451 Research. “Whereas most SD WAN solutions are built on raw Internet connectivity or existing MPLS WAN’s, Aryaka’s SD-WAN ULTRA is built on Aryaka’s purpose engineered Global Private Network that optimizes performance based on dynamic network conditions and incorporates WAN optimization technology and by doing so has proven to be an excellent platform for delivering consistent performance for applications that are used by global populations.”

SD-WAN ULTRA Functionality:

  • Smart Link:
    This feature provides enterprises with the benefits of Link Aggregation and enables them to use two ISP links simultaneously at the edge, in an active-active form, to improve reliability and network performance on the Internet links. Enterprise locations and remote users securely connect to Aryaka’s Software Defined Network Platform within their region using Internet links for first and last mile connectivity.

    Smart Link improves the reliability and network performance on the Internet links through load balancing, path selection, and single and dual link packet loss recovery technologies. This results in enhanced performance, especially for voice, video and real-time traffic. The edge intelligence comes in the form of application classification rules that can be set to use both these links in multiple ways. These rules can be defined to reflect the unique requirements of the business.

  • Smart Edge:
    This feature converges an enterprise’s WAN edge functionality at the branch and includes cloud and VPN connectivity, routing, firewall, QoS and application level control in a single customer premise equipment (CPE), which is provided and fully managed by Aryaka. This drastically simplifies network management at the customer branch. It also minimizes or eliminates the need for distributed IT resources.

    Smart Edge eliminates the need to deploy a router, firewall and WAN Optimization device at the edge. It also drastically simplifies SaaS, VPN and Internet connectivity, allowing for policy-based routing and the control and distribution of bandwidth between VPN and the Internet.

    Smart Edge also allows for link high availability and full diversity at the edge to enhance network redundancy. Additionally, with Smart Edge, the Aryaka CPE can split Internet traffic at the edge.

  • WAN Optimization:
    This enables Aryaka’s SD-WAN ULTRA to deliver consistently better performance than other solutions on the market. Aryaka’s customers have realized up to 40x performance improvements for both on-premise and cloud applications.
  • Fully Managed Service:
    This includes end-to-end monitoring and 24×7 CCIE Engineer-level support. Aryaka’s fully managed service delivery model results in cost savings, reduces complexity, requires fewer IT resources, and eliminates the need to work with multiple vendors.
  • SaaS/Cloud Integration and Acceleration:
    This feature permits the seamless integration of Office 365, AWS, Azure and other cloud/SaaS services into the customer’s VPN and delivers significant performance improvements. Thus, it results in better end user experience and higher productivity, and enables businesses to leverage the benefits of SaaS.
  • Private Global Network:
    Aryaka’s private global network bypasses the unreliability of the public Internet, providing enterprises with consistent latencies and negligible packet loss to deliver predictable application performance and user experience globally.

Aryaka’s new SD-WAN ULTRA is now available as part of its award-winning Software Defined Network Platform.

Aryaka will be presenting its SD-WAN ULTRA solution at the NFV&SDN Expo on January 28, 2016, where Aryaka CMO Gary Sevounts will be participating in a panel discussion.

Aryaka’s Software Defined Network Platform has seen record adoption as global enterprises have been increasingly looking to replace MPLS and legacy WAN technology. Earlier this month, Aryaka announced that it saw record bookings in Q4 2015, with 117 percent year-over-year growth from Q4 2014.

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Aryaka is transforming how global enterprises connect sites and users worldwide, and use mission-critical applications to support modern business execution demands. Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN combines a purpose-built private network, SD-WAN, optimization and acceleration techniques, connectivity to cloud platforms, and network visibility in a single solution that is delivered as a service.

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