Next-Gen SASE:

The Transformation Trifecta of Distributed Cloud, Workforce, and Edge Applications

Leading market research firm Dell’Oro Group recently published a white paper "Next-Gen SASE Will Score the Transformation Trifecta of Distributed Cloud, Workforce, and Edge Applications."

Mauricio Sanchez, Senior Director for Enterprise Networking and Security Research from Dell’Oro Group shares his perspective on the evolving enterprise requirements accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traditional network and security architectures were lacking, leading to the emergence of first-generation SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solutions. Initially centered on the distributed workforce, these solutions must refocus on inter- and intra-corporate networking. Additionally, the rise of high-performance and network-sensitive use cases, such as sensitivity to latency and jitter, requires deploying compute pools and applications at the enterprise edge.

This integration into the existing environment creates new network and security demands, prompting the evolution of first-generation SASE solutions into next-gen SASE solutions.