NEW YORK, January 12, 2023 – Join Aryaka®, the leader in Unified SASE solutions, at NRF booth #1805, January 14-17, at the Javits Center in New York City to learn more about its managed offering for retailers and how it is building the foundation to support the next generation of retail shopping experiences.

Despite current economic challenges, where retailers are tightening their belts by reducing waste and associated costs, Gartner, in its Hype Cycle Report for Retail Technologies in 2022, recommended that retailers continue to invest judiciously in innovative technologies to generate new ways of making a difference in the lives of their customers.

Additionally, Gartner’s CIO and Technology Executive Survey found that 73% of retailers expected to increase store technology investments in 2022 over 2021 levels.

Aryaka’s managed offering, backed by its Unified SASE architecture and based on a Zero-Trust WAN approach, provides retailers with an easy to consume solution that eliminates the need for expertise at remote locations. It also delivers a highly secure infrastructure and offers application support that is critical for a mix of experiences, such as VR/AR/MR for try-on and sizing, in-store Wi-Fi and personalized ads, smart shelves, digital-twins, and IoT.

“We’re entering a very exciting time in retail where businesses are reimagining the shopping experience to keep highly demanding consumers engaged,” said Matt Carter, CEO, Aryaka. “As such, retailers need to move beyond the best-effort internet connectivity to deliver experiences that blow customers away and give them a reason to go into a physical store, in addition to shopping online. Just like movie theatres are implementing 3D, 4K, in-seat drinks and food, recliners, and X-treme 270-degree screens, retailers have the same opportunity in front of them if they have the right foundation in place to make those experiences possible. This is where a company like Aryaka comes in.”

With the ubiquity of broadband, the ability to quickly browse and price match, and the convenience of returns, two-day, and even two-hour delivery, shopping online has become second nature for consumers. Attracting foot traffic is a greater challenge than it’s ever been, particularly for those that are not big-box retailers or discount outlets. Bringing consumers back to physical stores requires retailers to defy convention and rethink the overall experience, both online and in-store, which also means they must revisit their infrastructures and how prepared they are for a truly tech-centric world.

Preparing for Next-Generation Retail:

  • Increasing Communication with Customers Requires Impeccable Network Performance
    • As higher-end retailers uplevel their shopping experiences, there will be more interaction with consumers, including through AR/VR/MR.
    • This level of always-on connection to customers requires much better and assured connectivity that goes far beyond Point of Sale. With more retailers handling in-store delivery for online orders, providing in-store Wi-Fi, showcasing smart shelves, and offering self-checkout, strong connectivity is paramount.
    • Unreliable and unstable connections can cause major disruptions to critical business operations. No longer is technology a nice-to-have, but it is becoming a leading element in driving customers to stores and keeping them engaged longer.
  • Delivering Seamless Shopping Experiences Online and In-Store
    • Retail and e-commerce CIOs are on high alert to deliver seamless shopping experiences, both online and in-store. As businesses try to shift from red to black, IT leaders must also ensure that networks are prepared to accommodate any traffic surges and the precious sales that come with it.
    • The network is the unifying feature of a company’s ability to deliver high-quality, omnichannel user experiences. Securing digital usage without sacrificing speed is the key to better retail success.
    • Furthermore, network outages could more significantly impact a business’ success this year than in previous years, so network reliability, stability, security, observability & control must be priorities moving forward.
  • In the Race to Evolve, Don’t Forget About Cybersecurity
    • As retail businesses scurry to transform, they need to remember to keep cybersecurity top of mind. A data breach is not only a nightmare to get resolved, but it could also cost a retail business millions of dollars– the average cost in 2022 is $4.4 million, according to IBM– and can seriously damage its reputation.
    • With wallets tightening due to growing economic pressures, it can be tempting for retail businesses to stick with the status quo and hope for the best. This could be more harmful for their business.
    • Cyberattacks are inevitable, not just a possibility, as the retail attack surface expands, so if retailers aren’t prepared for them, they are gambling their brand reputation and customer data, as well as setting their business up for an expensive experience.

To learn more about Aryaka’s retail solution, read the company’s latest whitepaper: Aryaka Enables the Future of the Retail Customer Experience.

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